Saturday, 5 November 2011

On the go mom.

During the week I eat healthy if I can:
Before I eat any meal or anything I drink water.
I eat one packet of flavoured instant oats for breakfast, with milk & no sugar. If I get bored or run out of that, I eat half my lunch or a kiddie portion yogurt.  I have as much coffee as I want in between the water. Sugar is limited or completely left out, but totally not the 3 teaspoons I used to have.
Lunch is leftovers, or 2 packets of trail mix seeds & dried fruit or otherwise a sandwich or fresh fruit. I get lazy where it comes to making my own lunches, and tend to be the kind of “grab & go” lunch packer. Occasionally I will get canteen food or order in from close by take away places. But I will drink water, eat half & keep the rest for the next day in the company fridge. Two yummy meals for the price of one…brilliant!!!
Dinner is very healthy and eaten before 6pm at the latest. I dish up half & eat the other half the next day.
Weekends I eat healthy, but I love sweets or snacks when we entertain or watch TV. In that case I only eat it if I am hungry. It will serve as my ONLY lunch or early dinner and I eat until I have had the testy “hungry” feeling dissipated. At all times, you should eat until the gap is filled; you are not yet full or stuffed. You are just at the point where you are simply no longer hungry. Most of us carry on eating because of the taste & our brains take 20 minutes to register that we are stuffed. Don’t let taste control you by making you eat more than you should. Release the hold & control food has over you. Simply decide to save a little sumthin-sumthin fior later…
Savour each bite, plant it into your memory banks, keep the rest for the next day & drink more water. That way there is ALWAYS something to look forward to the next day. With my bad memory and all, those are the best surprises ever!!!