Sunday, 6 November 2011

What has weight got to do with it?

After 6 years, I am happy to a certain extent with my body now. Of course there are always some things that I would like to “tune up”, “tweak”, “OBLITERATE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!” and other minor things. Most women are not happy no matter how thin they get or how toned they appear to be.
I blame women for that. We subject ourselves to the magazines, TV shows and every medium out there showing us air brushed, perfectly sculpted (taped up) bodies that we must aspire to look like. The minute we are in a place we all feel vulnerable … the beach…we immediately cover up thinking that other people will judge us. The truth is: REAL Men like “real” women’s bodies: bumps, lumps & curves. I overheard men talking the other day, saying how a woman is her sexiest when she is naked and has no make up on. Seriously!!! Their idea of foreplay is us showing up!! Sexy is a state of mind. So flaunt what your momma gave you, he will be putty in your hands. Prime example is Betty White. She oooozes sex appeal with her words alone!!!  SEXY IS A STATE OF MIND.
As for women? They are so busy comparing themselves to you and they are so wrapped up in their own little worldly issues that they will not give you 2 seconds of their thought. The only women I tend to remember are the ones who looked better than me & made me feel even worse about myself.
Heck, even if they spare a second for a thought about you, they won’t even remember you anyway. I say, wear a bikini on the beach with pride.
Why? Because if you can afford a beach holiday & build sandcastles with your kids, you are in the top 15% percent of the women in this world not disabled, mutilated,  not poverty stricken, living in famine, dealing with terminal diseases, abuse or on welfare with no medical. That alone gives you the privilege of flaunting your body on the beach. With everything going on in this world, how is it women still remain so focussed on what they have or don’t have? Could we really be that self centred, conceited & pretentious?
We must live and let live, free of “perceived” judgement from others and prejudice. AMEN!!!