Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Time out is not just for the kids!

I noticed how many women there are lately (above the age of 30) that suddenly develop strange conditions they never had before. From neuro-physical manifestations like shaking hands, nervous tic disorders and painful limbs to weight gain and other symptoms of all sorts of weird & wonderful conditions I've never heard of before. Last year I thought I had “Beaver Fever” because my head shaked just like his did when his long hair was in his face all the time, just mine was a lot quicker. I went on a few blue pills (recommended by a Neurologist) that worked rather well. Even though my husband still wishes I could go back onto my “happy” pills, they hardly cured me. After many different doctor visits last year, I finally got fed up and decided to go the natural route (again)…exercise. The reason this happened to start off with: Stress not being released. (Who knew?)

Turns out:  moms are so busy during the day managing homes, kids and work, that by the time the kids are all tucked in and we are finished with the day’s chores, we are still so worked up, relaxing is impossible. No matter what we do to relax, inevitably we go over our mental “to do” lists and sweat over little stuff.  I urge all moms; take 1 hour a night for “mommy time”. You need a time-out for yourself if you want balance in your life. Spend time with your family, do what you can on weekends to have more time during the week or do it all before 8H30 every night. Then go have your well deserved mommy time. Whatever you do don’t plonk yourself in front of a TV? It’s an escape not a release. Escape only works on weekends if you are not stressed. Release on the other hand works every day, and that is what “mommy time” is all about.
It’s my magical time where I can do what I want. I am left alone with my thoughts, work out my frustrations and most of all I enjoy the PEACE & QUIET. No kids singing my job description from their bedrooms or asking silly questions. Just me on my onezee. I have to add that I have a husband who thankfully is very independent and does not require me to run after him or be by his side at all times. He enjoys his daddy time in front of the Xbox or TV every night as much as I enjoy...my solitude.