Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Walking on a rope

Balancing act:

As if my financial situation and physical annoyances are not enough, I have two kids that test the life out of me. My little “Ooligans” as I call them. The baby one is very cheeky & painfully honest towards everyone. The older one is quiet and reserved, but lies through his teeth about school work. I can breastfeed a crocodile out of frustration!!!

They have the attention spans of fleas, the memory retention of a plank and don’t get me started on their “listening” impairments! I’m sure all moms will agree that ALL kids are like this. Enough to drive you insane right?

Luckily my healthy eating habits ensure that I have ample energy to deal with my daily dose of disappointment, embarrassment and frustration. Exercises help me get rid of all my “issues” and “moods” consequently related to said “Ooligans”.

I must say it is SOOO nice to have energy all day long & then some. Seriously, if you haven’t tried making the slightest change, you are making life a lot harder for yourself. Eating well is so important to me now, because I never want to feel like that permanently tired, sore, old drained woman I once was ever again. 

I don’t deprive myself of anything and therefore I don’t get “cravings”, but I make sure the majority of what I ingest daily is healthy. If I have a day that consists of mostly bad food (which FYI is most Saturdays), I don’t feel guilty, because I know I will work it off during exercise (whenever I want) or at the very least Sundays when I do the week’s prepping.

 Just to be safe I also confront my demon on a weekly basis. Thank goodness the scales are in an inconvenient location at work (just imagine how bad it will be if I could weigh myself at home). It inevitably either depresses me or motivates me, but nevertheless it keeps my weight in check.

I know most moms come home from work at some ghastly hour, but sharing your workload with your family is not a shame. Prepping and planning ahead is not a weakness. Most importantly letting your kids stand on their own two feet and do things for themselves is not a disservice. If they move out one day or heaven forbid you die tomorrow, will they be able to survive without you?

I want my kids to thrive despite my absence, but I also want the privilege to see them grow up into well adjusted, capable & competent adults. I want to live longer, look younger & be stronger as I grow older. That is why I start my day at 6am with a 10 minute meditation before the whole house awakes. I spend my day working only to come home to my second job (kids). I end the day at 8H30, dancing away with my “special” (aka cheap) weights, non-stop for 40-50 minutes. I finish off whatever time I have left by mentally draining myself playing games until 9h30.

Just to be clear: relaxing in a bath or shower afterwards and then going off to bed for a good night’s rest is not considered part of “mommy-time”, so don’t kick your better half out of bed, please? All this is done and dusted before 10pm. BOOYA!! The perfect schedule for any mom, tailored made to fit a mom’s lifestyle.