Thursday, 10 November 2011

Diet, Tried it.

Don’t get me wrong. This blog is not to Martha Steward the hell out of my lifestyle. I am not here to go on and on about how perfect my way of losing weight is or how my exercises are better than anyone else’s.

If you can afford a gym or follow a strict diet, I envy you, because I can do neither of those.  Plus I have never been one to measure out so many cups of this and that many ounces of those. When I was a fat school kid, my mom helped me with that chore by converting ounces & pounds to the “local” measurement. I have said it many times, diets are great. All of the diets I have ever been on worked. I would buy the foods in accordance to the eating plans, measure them out in their respective portions and follow the timetable to eat like a little trooper. Along with exercising it worked wonders.
Now that I am a mom, it is not easy to follow a strict diet & exercise regime on the tight schedule I have or my practically non-existent budget. So I had to go to Plan B.
The primary reason I started this blog is because I lose weight very quickly, but I “let myself go” when I am all nice and skinny again.  
For those who don’t know me, I am the epiphany of “Pear” shaped. Skinny on top with very prominent hips, thighs and stomach. My only exception is that I don’t have the derrière of Kim Kardashian. I have a wide, flat bottom as opposed to a little “junk in my trunk” like other pear shaped beauties.
Perhaps a blessing, but I always had thin arms, bony upper body and a long neck. I also had no boobs whatsoever!! Thanks to a few adjustments in the “mammary” department (shout out to Dr. Craig Paul Shaw), that grave injustice was eventually corrected.
 So I go super skinny, start eating bigger portions, exercise less and then one day out of the blue my “skinny” clothes do not fit anymore?

Ergo the stop myself from getting lazy and complacent again.  Trust me at my age I can’t afford to supersize again. The older you get the harder it is to keep weight off. I for one am determined to be thin, younger looking & stronger as I grow older, because those 3 little gems equates to a longer life. Blogging sites are full of a network of people inspiring me and hopefully I can pay it forward by helping some other mom in my shoes.