Saturday, 12 November 2011

Which witch?

The thought of all those people in the gym seeing me wobble & pant just terrifies me. Now I know I shouldn't care what people think of me, but seriously have you seen my face??? It is one of the most unique & memorable faces out there. I have had people recognize me that last saw me when I was a child and damned if I know who the hell they are??? People also like looking at looking at my face and try to place my celebrity look a like. I have had Angelica Houston, Fran Dresner & "that witch in that movie" as a few examples. Imagine this sweaty mug all lit up like a fire engine, breathing heavily and looking morbidly exhausted coming at you? The word Zombie comes to mind right now. Scary I know!
Luckily becuse I am a cash strapped mom with no time on my hands I have an excuse not to go to gym.
I think most women will avoid a gym if they could, and many don't have the money or time to join one.
In no way should that be an excuse not to look after yourself. You have to take care of yourself, because no one else can. They can put you on diets, keep the pharmacutical industry in business by giving you copious amounts of drugs, generics & "organic" pills. No one can exercize for you. There is no magic pill on the market to keep your bones & muscles strong.
All it takes is one thing in your life to change. It is not difficult or complicated. Take whatever time you can daily, be it in the morning or at night after the kids & your partner have gone to bed. Dance in the lounge, do strethces in the bathroom, but clenches on the couch, run around your house or anything. Live healthy and live long.