Sunday, 13 November 2011

W.I.P yourself.

Just like me, my blog is a Work In Progress. Since I am a mere beginner at this, I am sure that many changes will follow as I become more accustomed to blogging and get to learn more about's settings & designs, etc. There is a lot I still want to do with my blog, but for now I am taking baby steps.
Isn't that normally how life works? At least that is how I am now an "expert" in my own weight loss and weight maintenance.

As a beginner who weighed 96kg's (about 212 pounds), losing weight was a long struggle.
Due to the fact that I had tried all kinds of diets before, I knew what the right kinds of foods were to eat. It was just really, really hard to put them into practise. So I made small changes to start off with. The first step was to just eat healthier (most of the time). Then I started to eat smaller portions and drink lots of water to still get that FULL feeling after I ate. I was never one who liked feeling half satisfied or left wanting - you know what I mean?  That was soon followed by the only exercise I could at the time, which was walking. Slowly but surely I became slimmer.
Once I realised that I was 72kgs for the first time EVER, the walking turned into jogging and until finally, I could exercise like Jane Fonda!
Through the whole process I learned a lot about myself, about food and exercises. The more I became accustomed to my new lifestyle, the better I became at it and the more weight I lost. After falling pregnant and the subsequent weight I gained from that, losing weight afterwards was just a matter of taking baby steps once more, and fitting my "old" lifestyle into a life fit for a mom.
Eating right (most of the time) is as natural to me now as my daily trip to the snack shop once was. Exercising is part of my routine that NOBODY in my family dares mess with. I get a little cranky if I loose out on some mommy time,  K?

The key is to take the first step. Just one little baby step. Make one small change and if you see a result, the rest will follow. Happiness is just a small decision away.
It is a matter of fitting the food, exercises, socialising, family and everything else into your lifestyle and not to try to fit your life into any "designer" lifestyle complete with eating plan, scientifically formulated for maximum weightloss.
Today I am 57kgs (about 125 pounds) and still working on myself. My goal is not to weigh any less, but to be firmer and have better muscle tone. If I do lose more weight,  the focus will be to loose it around my ass & thighs, that's for sure! I am trying really hard to keep my "Spanish" hips, because I think an hour glass figure is really sexy as opposed to a straight figure, but that is on me. This face on a box figure...I don't think so.
So good luck to the W.I.P that is me and my blog.