Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I lost 1 kilogram since yesterday. (little Oh yeah...oh yeah... dance going on in my head right now!!!) Last night whilst dancing for 30 minutes with a tin of canned food in each hand, I decided to wear my Wellington boots (it just came to me). I am so amazed that just adding that weight to my legs made such a huge difference. Along with lots of water, my day was no different to any other day. The only thing I can subscribe it to is the boots I wore. From now on I am going to wear them every night!!!
If you don’t have rain boots, wear a pair of your heaviest shoes. Why go out and spend good money on ankle weights, when you can use ordinary items inside your house to help you, right? RIGHT.

I had a half my Fig preserve sandwich for breakfast yesterday morning. The other  half was for lunch with fruit as snacks during meals. Dinner was a side plate of beef strips in soya sauce with ginger, garlic and some vegetables (tomato, onion & red peppers). It was mixed up with only the noodles of 2Minute Noodles packet. Like I said; my day was no different to any other day.
Having said that, please do yourself a favour and never use the flavour sachet that comes with the noodles, because those ingredients are very unhealthy. If you must, rather add natural, mixed spices to the noodles as opposed to using those sachets. The noodles alone are bad enough for you.  Technically anything with the following on the label is very bad for your brain & body. 
1)       E and a multi-digit number (example: E551)
2)      “hydrogenated”,
3)      sodium,
4)      flavour enchantments,
5)      colorants,
6)      mono fats,  saturated -, and Trans fats

My rule however: Everything in moderation. Life is too darn short to read labels!!