Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dance away your blues

I dance - what looks like to most people as a tribal dancer performing a sacred ritual -(in the privacy of my bedroom). There I am free from judgement and the day’s concerns. I let go and get my “freak” on listening to my favourite tunes. Dancing is also great because you can drink water during your “sessions”. Sometimes I do Callanetics, versions of Yoga I remember from back in the day or simple aerobics (which in my case involves mostly lifting my knees really high in all directions). The other day I attempted the Xbox 360 Kinect fitness programme. It involves answering a series of questions, to which the “personal trainer” helps develop some programmes for you to choose from. My biggest mistake...choosing the “perfect legs & butt routine”. For every move she did I was “out of routine” and constantly reminded to “narrow my stance”, “stay in rhythm” and “bend lower”. Did I mention I am 36 with back & knee problems? Very hard at my age. I scored a mere 68% accuracy upon completion and burned 20 calories according to that machine, but I swear I was finished!!! I also clean my house with moves that will make strippers blush, but only when I’m alone!!! Don’t want hubby to get excited while I’m “in the zone”, even if I am fully dressed.
Dancing is something everyone can do. No matter how fat or unfit you are. You do not have to be Fred Astaire or a Pussycat Doll. You also do not need special gear, special instructions or any safety equipment.  So dance away the fat and instantly improve your mood.