Thursday, 17 November 2011

Does it matter?

   Losing weight does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Taking care of yourself should be naturally easy. Losing weight fast, well now….that is just a bonus!!!
   I wasted a lot of time and money on diets and workouts in my life. The experience & the knowledge I gained from it though, was neither a waste of money or time.  Because of it, I have a perfect routine to suit my life as a busy, broke mom.

   Fit exercises and healthy eating habits into your schedule.  Take yesterday for example.
   I had such a busy day at work , that all I ate was a yogurt in the morning and dry Muesli to snack on in the afternoon.  As it was my son’s “graduation” from pre-school last night. I knew I was not going to have any mommy time.  Instead I ran (yes! in my heels) from my desk to & from the copier, the bathroom and everywhere else. Later that night, I had a quick Chicken pie before his ceremony. Once home, I was too tired to exercise but I took time to exfoliate & moisturise after my shower.  I felt good knowing that at least I had exercise during the day & healthy food in the morning. Today I had picked up no weight whatsoever.
   So, I ate an apple for breakfast. Lunch (at 4pm) and was a Cornetto McFlurry because it was so darn hot!! I am going to skip dinner & go straight for a 60 minute workout after the kids go to bed. After my shower I am going to moisturise and maybe do a hair mask.
   The most important thing is: Don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself. Many moms feel like they are letting their family down if they take time for themselves. They think that they have their priorities all messed up. They feel guilty for putting themselves first. When last did your family put you first??? My children are so sweet and lovable, but even they have self entitlement issues. I call them: Generation ME.
   Life is for the living, as they say. Unfortunately “the living” stays that way for nowhere near long enough. 
   Life is so short and to spend it on eating restricted foods & doing things you don’t enjoy? That is no life at all.
   Eat what you want. Work off whatever you ate, however you want. Drink water, sleep and don’t sweat the small stuff.