Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are you prepared?

Preparing for the week ahead does not take a lot of  time. That is why I pre-cook on a Sunday (my day off). Rice and Pasta keep well in the refrigerator. Only reheat the portion you need and put the rest in the fridge. Your cooking time is cut in half and dinner can be served within half an hour from getting home. Try do the same with gravy. A healthy gravy with a rich stock, some pieces of any meat, Onion, Carrots and Celery. I cook gravy on a low heat all day long until everything disintergrated. Yummm....
On the odd occasion that my day off is disrupted, I let my slow cooker do the gravy while I am "indisposed" and the rest I do at night. See, no room for excuses!! It can be done.

With all that time saved, there is more time for mom during the week. Why do we need this precious time? Why do we need to do all that crap? We don't want to look like Heidi Klum. We don't want to conform to what society's ideals are of "moms". Why should we adhere to every new study? We get told to consume more of one thing, until another study proves it to be wrong. Don't do this, do that, eat never ends. What are we meant to be doing!! I always say: Everthing... (in moderation).

The fact is: We are moms (the ONLY most important job out there). We need to take care of ourselves, so we can have the priviledge to raise our children into well adjusted, healthy adults. BE an example for them. To be there for them until they have children of their own. To spoil the grandchildren ROTTEN. If we are truely blessed, we will get to meet our great-granchildren.
That is why we need to eat healthy, exercise and stay strong. The purpose of life is not to have the best body or best possesions. It is to have a blessed LIFE.
Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself and others. Declutter your home for the sake of charity regularly. Eat chocolate. Cry during sad movies. Laugh at your childrens lame jokes. Work hard everyday, both at work and at home. At night do crazy dancing exercises with obscure household items. Have your mommy time. Then do it all again the next day.
Are you prepared?