Monday, 21 November 2011

Motive equals motivation

I believe that one's ambition is relative to one's priorities. If money is your main priority then obviously you will be very ambitious in your current job or in the search for a well paying job. If family is your priority, then you will either seek a job or reshuffle your current job to meet that priority.

Where it comes to health, I call it motive instead of ambition. Some women want to look healthy and skinny to be more attractive to men. Others to look better than any of their friends, other moms at the school, work colleagues and beach goers. Many of us, want to not just look healthy, but to be healthy. Cancer is my biggest fear. Living longer is what keeps me motivated to eat right and exercise.

So what will your motive be? Getting even with a cheating spouse or ex? Getting the man of your dreams? Being the best looking mom in your town? Whatever your motive, use it as your motivation. Everything and anything is possible when you have a great body. There is absolutely no limits to the power you have when you feel & look great. BWAH-HA-HA (evil laugh). The truth is we do have a lot of power of men already. We don't need great bodies to set the standard in our homes and relationships. We say what is acceptable and not, because men need women more than we need them.(men will strongly disagree -up to the point when you toss them out the door). Most women unfortunately do not know this, so they put up with cheaters, abusers and losers. Here's a motivation... get your head out your rear end. Make a plan to become independent. Get your body & mind right. Dump the A-hole and move on to the next guy.
I 've done it so much in my life, that I finally had a checklist of what I wanted in a husband. Sadly perfect men do not exist, so I married the one with the highest score (I married late in life). One thing I know for certain and that I experience everyday...There's always another man out there willing to take his place!!! Luckily for him I'm sooo not interested in other men.
You want motive...get your body right and everything else will fall into place.