Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Best Intentions

I couldn't blog yesterday, because I spilt Coke on my keyboard right before I could log on. Today the keyboard works (albeit a bit sticky here and there).

It got me thinking... we often start something with the best of intentions. Then something unexpected happens, which then throws our plans for a loop-d-loop. That serves as our excuse or escape to not go ahead with something. Isn't that so true??

I have done that a lot where it came to diets in my life. Start off with a BANG and finish with a BLAH. I always found an excuse to eventually stop the diet, even if nothing interrupted my plans. (lazy cow anyone?)
So no more diets!! I choose life!

Eat what you want, work it off with some exercise. Note to those going "Hooray" right now, if you don't eat healthy most of the time, you will not loose or maintain your weight. Instead your weight will go up and down like a Fong Kong yo-yo. You will also not keep your good health. (never good)
We have to adhere to at least the basics of healthy living, OK? Otherwise you set yourself up for more than just the numbers on the scale going berserk.

In closing, live a healthy life filled with nutritious food, water, exercise and sleep. Just don't deprive yourself totally of treats of the sweet and savoury kind.