Friday, 25 November 2011

Here goes

In exactly 1 month it will be Christmas day!!! Frankly I can't wait. All the food and all the presents. It is a Double Whammy day for me as the 25th is also my Birthday. Now before you "ah shame" me, I am NO Christmas baby. I am a Christmas Diva!! I demand 2 presents and always get them.

My favourite part is that I get to eat Xmas cake and Birthday cake all in one day!!! As a norm, I don't allow myself to be "stuffed" like a turkey where it comes to food, but on this day I make an exception.
Now I am not an Extreme religious nut, but Boy, do I become one after all that food?! Everyone knows what happens when you eat too much. Yep, I really hate being that tired because it is so unlike me. I have heaps of energy the day after a great dance workout and a good night's sleep. So it's pretty much a daily energizer bunny thing going on in my family's life.
This year I intend on making one teenie weenie change. Instead of  taking a nap after eating, I am going to take a walk.
Maybe that will  help...if I am not too lazy that  is.

Either way I will work off whatever I gained during the day over the holidays. No matter where I am, as long as I have my MP3 and make sure I get some mommy time, there will be no weight gain on my watch!! No sir-ee!
I have no problems taking long walks or dancing in the bathroom of the Guest house, Hotel or B&B. It' as easy as Cha-cha-cha!!!