Saturday, 26 November 2011

Mars Bars & Venus Fly traps

Last night I went out with some friends while my dear hubby babysat the kids. A discussion ensued to which I now correct one of my previous posts.
You see, I always blamed the media and other women for the fact that we (women) put so much emphasis on our bodies. After a chat with  my BFF's hubby, his opinion hit me like a freight train. Women have always been like that before Sports Illustrated, FHM and Playboy came out. We are geneteically programmed like that until we reach a stage in our life where we no longer care so much.  We always have & always will compare ourselves to other women. We inherently think our bodies are worse than it really is. Men don't mind what we generally look like. They too care what is on the inside, but don't mind eye candy just like we women. The only difference is, they don't compare their bodies to bodybuilders and feel bad.

Eat healthy portions, exercise and look after yourself. You will feel better about yourself. The most important fashion accessory is a smile!!!