Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Feet

I am so excited! Tomorrow our "team" at work is going on lunch to have our own year end function. Not only do I get a half day, but I will be having good food, good wine and good fun. The 10kg's I lost over the last month have really done wonders for my self esteem. I look forward to events ,whereas before I would Grim Reaper the hell out the situation.
Does this mean I will now throw everything I have worked of out the window? No, nee, nada, HeT, nein, non, Ino!!! The plan is to drink only red wine (ha-ha). Of course I will have all 3 courses of food in between. They key will be to eat only small portions and lots of doggy bags. Don't want to waste now, do we?
Obviously I will be in nooo condition to exercise tomorrow night when I stumble home. Perhaps I should replace the exercise with some herbal tea. Much safer!!
Tonight I am going to dance and exercise a little longer in anticipation of tomorrow. Work out some of this excitement. Bonus, I will lose enough weight to afford to pick up a little tomorrow. BALANCE!
I will work off the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed on Friday night. See, who says you can not do what you want and still lose weight. Two words people: Living Proof.