Thursday, 1 December 2011


The perfect opportunity came up today to test a theory I had. During a work function where a 3 course meal and lots of alcohol were the main attractions, was it possible to loose weight.
The answer is Yes!! I always drink lots of water before and after I eat a little something, so today was no different. (looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow I might add!!) I never go without exercising, yet tonight I will give it miss.  Partly because I drank lots of Coolers and wines, so stability and balance is not my forte, if you know what I mean? Yet, I managed to loose weight.  What did I do differently?
I moved as much as possible when I could. In between courses I took fast walks to the bar, ladies room and smoking area. My behind bopped up & down in my chair to the music. I mingled, wriggled and giggled the whole way through. I also parked far away so running to and from the restaurant was not optional.
Now that I have my theory tested I will hone my skills at every function to come.
So don't just sit there!! Do something. Anything to keep moving. You will be surprised what a big difference that makes if you don't stuff yourself like a Christmas stocking. Eat small, become small. Continue moving, continue living longer. It doesn't matter what you look like now. What matters is your future.