Saturday, 3 December 2011

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

As the lyrics in the song goes: "It's the most,  wonderful tiiiiiiime,  of the yeeeeeear". Just because we are moms with no time and money, we still have a lot to be grateful for.
It is a great time of year where giving is more important than receiving. So in the spirit of giving, I want to give you something: My encouragement, support and motivation. (bummer... I know!!!)

Any one can loose weight, no matter how old, fat or unhealthy they are. You don't have to join a gym. You don't have to follow a "eating lifestyle". You definitely don't have to spend tons of money either. The important part is that you fit healthy eating and some form of exercise into your life. Make losing weight work for you and fit into your schedule.
Don't loose weight for someone else. Don't try to look like that hot mom you always see at your local supermarket. You want to loose weight to look younger and live longer. Nothing else matters. The minute you stop trying to loose weight for the wrong reasons, the longer you will keep the weight off.

With small portions, lots of water and some way of working off what you ate, losing weight is really easy. Have that big meal and pudding. Just drink lots of water before you eat out of a side plate. Don't go for seconds! If you are still hungry afterwards, drink more water. After clearing the table and doing the dishes (aka at least 1 hour), make time to take a walk, go dance, jog a little or do anything that involves movement. If all else fails have sex, that is also great exercise. The great part is, you can do any of these for as long as you want until bed time. The more movement the more exercise, the more weight you loose.
It's a start!!!