Monday, 5 December 2011

It's time.

When I see fat people I can't help but think back at the time when I was over 200 pounds. I remember how hard it was to be like that and all the things I tried to loose weight. The thing is, I remember doing at least something about it. Most people, to be honest don't look like they are even trying. That disgusts me in a small way, because I could never go back to that. Fat people are not happy. They are not healthy. We tolerate them because we have to. They are everywhere! I sound like the biggest Be-atch, but I can't help it. Seriously, if I of all people could loose over 100 pounds, then why not everyone else?
I didn't have money, time or the will to give up my greatest love of all... food. I just made a conscious decision to work healthier foods in small doses along with some exercise into my life.

It's time to stop making excuses. Stop pretending everything is OK, when I know you are dying inside. I know what you go through physically every day. I know what you go through mentally every day. It is so much easier to blame everything and everyone else. It is so convenient to have an "alibi" for your eating habits. You are slowly killing yourself and that will never be OK.

It is time. Figure out how you can save yourself more time to fit exercise into life. Try to find healthy alternatives when it comes to food, like home made Hamburgers.  To save money, take left over dinner for lunch the next day. What do you have to loose?