Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Use that nog... Eggnog

I can't say that I have worked my @ss off to get thin, because that will be total lie (although the common perception in my office is that I have,  based on how my pants droop). Weight loss is easy. Keeping it off when it's no longer important...not so much.
I like to think that I am the "Michael Weston" of all things diet & nutrition. Heaven knows I've done enough research on it. People ask me why I have not made all my knowledge of Nutrition & diets official by getting a degree of some sorts on the matter. My response normally involves a snotty laugh followed by these words: "Everything in moderation". I don't believe in diets. I don't believe in gym. I eat well enough not to be unhealthy. I exercise correctly enough not to be unfit (did that just make sense??)
Anyway, I can not in all good conscience tell people how to eat or exercise if I don't do it myself. I eat what I want, only when I am hungry, instead of the 6 proportionately selected greens & "leans" (typical diet foods) that I ought to eat a day.
My tricks for instant weight loss: Drink lots of water before & after you eat. Eat and drink what you feel like. If you are serious about weight loss you will incorporate leafy greens and healthy vegetables into every meal for good measure. Don't eat until you are about to explode. Dance exuberantly to utter exhaustion. Relax in a bath or shower and sleep.
That way you never get cravings, never feel hungry or tired and never have any medical problems. You also don't feel the need to sabotage or cheat on a "diet".

No one knows you better than you do. So use your knowledge about yourself and your lifestyle to make nutrition and exercise fit into your daily routine. Remember: You are NOT on a DIET. You are not doing this for any reason other than to look younger & live longer. Should you want to loose weight to win a man, a popularity contest or attention, your victory will not last long. Neither will your new found body.