Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Issues are best served warm

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I still needed to shed more lb's and tighten a few areas. Well, I am happy to announce that today I reached my goal.

I am now the exact weight I was the day I got married 13 years ago. I am a whopping 56kgs!! I have loose skin on my belly & wider hips as a result of pregnancy and child birth. Thanks to a boob job, I have bigger kahunas contributing to my width, but I look & feel great. To be exact, I was pregnant 8 times. Only gave birth twice. Some syndrome, but also I contribute the fact that my babies did not survive to my yo-yo weight issues. Fortunately more babies are no longer my wish.

It does not mean that I still don't have weight issues. As I said many times, losing weight is easy, but keeping it off not. That is partly why this blog is so important to me. It is my motivation to keep the weight off this time.
People reading this blog is what inspires me and I in turn are in awe of so many bloggers putting themselves out there. We all have issues. It's nice to have a community of people standing by each other. It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.