Friday, 9 December 2011

Time flies and all that

When I was younger I weighed over 200 pounds (96kg's). Now I can not loose any more weight even if I tried. I have bones sticking out at some places (YUK!!)  How time flies. As previously promised on my blog, I have followed through on my plans to get summer ready. All that is left is that fake, waterproof tan. Seems there is no such thing after all, so I am going to be the Albino in the purple swimsuit.
With any luck my milky white skin will BLIND the people around me so they won't notice the stretch marks on my butt and knees from when I was fat.

Normally when I have one week to go until I go on holiday, I start panicking about my hip lumps and bum bumps. Fortunately this time I was determined not for that to happen, so I followed my 5 step weight loss strategy. No matter what my fellow beach goers think of me, at least I'll be the skinny whatever.
Hopefully once I turn 37 this month, I'll stop caring once and for all what people think of me and my body. Maybe I will always be the fat girl in the skinny body.  Where's skinny me when I need her?