Monday, 12 December 2011

Oops, I did it again!!

What a horrible weekend!! It rained the entire time so all we did was cuddle in front of the TV. I ate and snacked and picked all weekend long. Today when I went for my morning confession, the scale showed that I had picked up 2kg's. (Butter!!!)

Weight loss is easy, but keeping it off is soooo hard for me. I have the perfect weight loss regime for me and a brilliant plan to not gain weight. However as this weekend proved, not all plans are fool proof. (or idiot proof in my case).
I had little meals until I was not hungry anymore. Then I picked little bits off the kids' plates, then I snacked on sweets and what-not in between. That was the idiot part. I should have waited until I was absolutely starving again before I snacked on sweets. The fact that I did not do a stitch of exercises also did damage!

So back to my quick weight loss routine today. Slowly eat small, healthy portions when I am starving. Drink lots of water before and after I have eaten. Dance. Shower. Sleep.
By this weekend I will be 2kg's lighter again. Happy face.

Until then I will be depressed as hell. Better warn the authorities. There's a women out there with severe PMS:  Post Monday Stress!!! GRRRRRRRR.