Wednesday, 14 December 2011

When life gives you lemons

They say: "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Some say: "when life gives you lemons, add a dash of salt and a shot Tequila". 
Not everyone was blessed with time and money to follow strict diets and training schedules at the gym. I sure don't. The blessing is that I can't afford take out and I don't waste time doing stuff that won't last. Diets are great until you go off them. Training schedules designed by personal trainers are brilliant if you stick to them. Somehow life inevitably gets in the way, and all your best intentions for that diet & exercise goes all Houdini on your @ss.

That is why I don't diet or go to a gym. I eat what I want. Fortunately most of what I want is healthy, because I want to look younger and live longer. I exercise when I want to. I don't feel guilty for having a Steak & Kidney pie as dinner tonight. I won't feel like I have cheated if I don't exercise tonight. The simple fact of the matter is, I am not on a diet or weight loss programme. There is nothing to worry about.  As long as the majority of what I ate today was healthy, I am fine with it. I will exercise to work off what I ate at some point, but it's not a life or death situation.

Life is so fragile and so very short. God put us on this earth for our life to mean something. Whether it's through our kids or through something we are a part of or do for a living. He did not intend for us to be weigh food and count calories and punish ourselves in the gym. He gave us these things because your kids only have 1 birth mother and no one can take care of her but YOU.