Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Make it work

I know that's a typical Tim Gunn move, but you have to make things work for you. When you have an insatiable sweet tooth like me, somethings have got to give.  Marvelled at the sight of Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns yesterday in the shops. It was hard to restrain myself but I bought only one box of Easter Eggs. After scoffing down six of them I decided to quit while I was ahead. I know I sound like a gambler, but sweet stuff are like my three Cherries. The sound of every bite echoes the same JACKPOT tune when coin machines hit their payout code. (Ding Ding Ding!!!)

I want to start my own Las Vegas, but for Chocoholics. It's nice to dream, but in reality I know I will be my own best customer. I will have no merchandise after a few days. Better leave that sort of idea up to people with no problems being around sweets and candy all day. With my genes & jeans I will end up looking like Kirstie Allie combined with Lindsay Lohan's teeth, before Orthodontists got hold of her. (just kidding - pretty sure this pic were doctored to look that bad)

There it is... just another reason while a healthy lifestyle is good for you. Your teeth will last longer.

Everything in moderation then. Eating six Easter Eggs is not exactly what I call "moderation", but I did exercise last night. This morning's confession to the scale revealed absolutely no weight gain. Not too shabby, hey? Put that in your Gunn and smoke it!!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sting and Burn

I read an email today where the boyfriend (whilst breaking up with his girlfriend) insulted her thighs by saying it was like "watching sea lions mate". Many comedians will use fat women jokes as the expression of their humour. Then we all know the "Yo Mama So Fat" jokes as well.  All said by men. Then they wonder why we have so many issues with our bodies.

Even though it might sting to hear these sort of things, they can serve as your inspiration. If nothing else think about those words and those men whilst working out or practicing boxing until it burns. (powerful stuff)
Pay attention now because what these men with the sensitivity of statues do not realise, is that we can at least do something about our weight, stretch marks and cellulite. There is yet to be a cure for beer bellies, small winkies and gout. (Amen sister!!)

Anyone can lose weight and there are so many solutions on the market for stretch marks. As for the cellulite, healthy eating and Lymph drainage massages can sort that out. The bonus is that you don't have to go to a Spa. You can do it yourself at home. Oil up your "problem areas", smack them until it stings and burns. Once they are a nice shade of red,  rub your "problem areas" from the top right down to your ankles in one hard, solid motion. Keep repeating from the top to the bottom (not the other way around) and you will see results in a few weeks.

There are many jokes about fat men too, but unlike men, we actually care about the jokes about fat women. Just because we are not as easily amused and tripped over as they are, doesn't mean we don't have feelings...right???  

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Es to darīja

I DID IT is the title of my blog today. For those wondering I actually practice what I preach.

Yesterday I encouraged, motivēti, aufgefordert and предложил every woman to bring out the sexy beast inside her. During the Cowboy themed Fundraiser last night I did the same. I was vibrant, energetic, fun and sexy. I rode a mechanical bull, line danced my @ss off and jumped to some rock music. Did I mention that I won the Bull riding competition? I lasted 26 seconds, which was better than the men. The longest they stayed on for was 22 seconds. Of course my thighs are killing me today. I clenched so hard with my legs I think I broke some bones, tore a muscle and bruised my ego. But who cares what other people think?? I had fun and got some exercise.

It's a matter of changing your approach to things. All you people going "yeh right!!" should give it a try before you dismiss it. The same goes for your diet. If you eat healthy food because you want to live longer as opposed to lose weight for someone or some idea you have, you will see better results.  If you approach exercise as something fun and do workouts that you actually enjoy, you will do it longer and burn more fat. (BOO-YA!!)
There is a myth out there that exercise makes you tired. A fun workout makes you feel good about yourself and actually gives you more energy. (who knew)

So start living today with this sign in your mind.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Get it yourself

I know many moms out there are frustrated. The romance is gone, the weight is up and everday you are fighting a losing battle with your kids.You are stuck in a life different to the one you wanted. (the happy ever after with fairies and unicorns and rainbow coloured bunnies)
Very грустно (sadly) many women just stay in that "zone". They don't attempt to change anything. I am not talking about the "D" word (le Divorce). You have the power to change anything you want in your life. If you are unhappy in your marraige, but still love your husband, just change your approach to him.
I have a friend who's motto is: "Treat them mean, keep them keen". I don't know how that is going to work out, but I believe in "Killing with Kindness". (That's the name of the knife I will stab in his back if I ever lose it)

The same can be said where it comes to your kids. Change the way you approach them when you want them to listen. Look them in the eyes and be firm. (just not like this)

If you are unhappy with your body, then do something about it. There is nothing that healthy food and some exercise can't fix.

YOU and only you, can change the way your life is going. You can not expect others to get you where you want to be in life. Whatever you want, it is up to you to get it yourself.  Many women don't know what they mean to men and children. They have so much power (as a wife and mom) yet they give up and the only thing they do about it, is feel sorry for themselves.

If need be, change your personality. You know you have done it before. Be the fun, energetic, vibrant and sexy woman you can be. You know she is dying to come out and play again. Make people see you in a different light and shine. Sexy is ...Confidence.

Friday, 27 January 2012

I kill me...

All I want is peace. A peace of cake, a peace of chocolate, a peace of cheese...Just kidding. That used to be my favourite joke and the best part is that there are so many variations you can fill instead of food.

Just like that joke, life should be the same. There should be many variations to your diet, exercise regime, daily routine and life in general. Otherwise things get boring and monotonous. Try cutting out some bad stuff out of your meals, add new good stuff to it and change things up a little. Diets, healthy eating and exercise can be fun and interesting.

It will only be as hard as you make it. In fact, most experts will agree, that you have to vary the duration, speed and tempo of your workouts to get the full benefit. Doing the same thing day after day, will not get you anywhere in the long run.  It's called muscle memory. The same goes for food. Can you imagine eating the same fruit and vegetables every day? So try out all the good foods and add them to some of your favourite dinners. Try grilling instead of frying.

Make small changes and keep adding more and more to it. It doesn't matter what it is. Whether it's your diet, exercise routine, love life, work life or daily routine, add a little spice. Keep things "fresh" by doing things you don't normally do. You only have one life. What do you have to lose?

In the end, won't it be a terrible thing to be lying on your deathbed with regrets.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Green is the new black

I would like to become a Vegetarian again, but I am scared of quiting red meat cold turkey.
Dark green, leafy vegetables are so in right now. I wish I could grow my own, but my soil is too red. When I cook vegetables they make me blue when I take them out. I guess I hate wakes. Warning!!! My humor is dry but colourful.

Like I blogged before about diets vs healthy eating, today I felt Nostalgic. I was having one of those "I feel fat" days, so I wore a baggy, dark, black blouse with tights. (very clever disguise - fooled no body). The thought of those lean vegetarian days came back to me. Way back when I was so thin, Ethiopians used to look at me funny.
Those were the good old days. B12 injections, importing Mexican Pinto Beans and living off potatoes, pasta and vegetables. I wasn't a Vegan, but I protested like one.

Like most people struggling with weight or addiction, I have good days and bad days. They should have a 12-Step programme for people who want to lose weight . The first step is Denial!! The second step is Acceptance. The third step is Punching a body builder. If you live after that, step 4-12 will be counting your blessings and making the best out of the second chance at life you were given. Losing weight will be really easy then!!! 

I guess I will continue on my "Everything in moderation" path. Adding more greens into my meals won't hurt either (not me anyway).  Then I won't have to wear so much black. 

Of course, it could be worse... I could be one of these cows...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The things I do for charity!

I am going to a fundraiser Saturday night. The theme is "Cowboy". Now I don't know much about Westerns and I certainly don't have the money to hire a Cowgirl outfit, so I'll do the "Coyote Ugly" and wear jeans and a sexy top to compensate.

In preparation for this event I have been watching online instruction videos and learning how to Line dance.
They have all these different kinds of line dances (I think I counted about 60) with names like Honky Tonk, Picnic Polka, Tush Push and Boot Scootin' Boogie. After I wiped away the tears from laughing so hard, I clicked on a few of them. What a fantastic workout!! Within half an hour I am sweating like a pregnant nun.The great thing about line dancing is that it works your legs and hips. These are my problem areas, so I am grateful for something choreographed to come along and help my situation. 

I was actually a little sore today, as I did not think to do stretches after a line dance. Just goes to show...dancing is great.

Now I have to get myself completely free from pain before Saturday night and still learn to line dance. The things I do for charity...

So Yee-ha, Getty-up and start line dancing. Just don't do squats with your spurs on?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Because Oprah said so.

Oprah did so many shows in her life about weight. Expert after expert gave us their take on healthy eating, healthy living, weight loss, diets and exercise. With so many choices and facts she presented on her shows, it is hard to argue with "Because Oprah said so!". That is what I tell my kids and it works like a charm. (evil, I know)
Pretty much anything falls under this response.

In this world obsessed about their weight and their looks, she was a heaven sent Angel. Now that she has her OWN Network, I am sure the enlightement will continue shine our way. What I believe most is her Mantra a few years ago: " Live your best life".

So, Live your best life, because Oprah said so. It's easy of you try. The end result is a happier, more centrered, better version of your self. You want to look good and feel good. You want to feel special and accomplished.
Once you have lost weight, you will like the world you live in. You might just like yourself again. Don't lose weight for a man. His only three prerequisites to be with you,  is that firstly you are a female. Secondly that you have always been a female and thirdly, if you have not always been a female, that you can keep a secret!!

Lose weight to be there for your children for many years to come. They are our "reason for living". Many parents are very quick to exclaim that they will die for their kids. You don't ever hear them say that they will Live for them.

Start right now, right here, this very day. Eat healthy today, take a brisk walk in circles if you have to. Drink water as soon as possible.
Everyday is a little better the minute you start.

Monday, 23 January 2012

I think I can, I think I can..

A lot of moms are familiar with the book: The Little Engine that Could. Let's face it, it sure takes a lot of perseverance to succeed.
Especially if you want to change your unhealthy lifestyle. You have to let go of your old routine, make complete new changes to everything and follow them through. This is not easy. I'm exhausted just writing all this.

My question is: Why change everything? Just start by changing little things. If you like sweet things, just cut  down on how much you drink or eat of it. If you like full plates of food, just dish up in a smaller plate.
Drink water before and after you eat, the rest of the time drink what you want.

The only thing you can not escape is healthy food and healthy exercises. No one can lose weight on fast food and no exercise.

Make home cooked meals with lots of vegetables. Do not eat after 6pm. At 8pm, do at least 30 minutes of some form of exercise...swim, walk, jog or dance. Anyone can dance, anytime, any where!!

Once you made little changes you will start losing weight.
The more you persevere, the more weight you will lose. When you see that losing weight is not that hard, you will be motivated (more than ever) to incorporate more & more healthy foods and exercises into your day. You have to be willing to take that first step.  And when come across days when you are unmotivated, look at old fat photos of yourself. Will you like looking & feeling like that again? If like many, you were too camera shy to have your pictures taken, read this blog. 


Everyday I face challenges with my weight. I check my weight everyday to see if I lost, gained or flatlined.  It's like watching car races to see cars crash or ice skating to see them wipe out on their faces. You know nothing might happen, but still you watch.. just in case. When they do crash & burn, you're like "YEAH!!! I knew it!!" 
The same goes for my weight. I know what I did the day before, so when I step onto the scale, it's the same reaction. As always the result either depresses me or motivates me. Fortunately when I am depressed I don't go dive in, head first into the grocery cupboard. I tend to lose my appetite. When I am motivated, my appetite goes Mary-Mary as well. After years of eating out of side plates, my stomach does not have the capacity to eat a lot anyway. So it's not about how much I eat, but what I eat. I pick up weight by just looking at chocolate!!

It's going on 7 years which I dedicated to incorporate healthy living into my lifestyle. Simplifying all the information I have gathered into something workable for me, you know as a mom. There were days I really didn't feel like doing much. It would be a case of the good me on one shoulder and bad me on the other. "You'll feel better" the good me will say, "But I'm so tired" the bad me will say.  Soon the argument will digress into the debating skills of two 5 year olds. "You are"..."No, you are!!!". Eventually the mom inside me will stop them arguing, send myself to my bedroom and dance. Oops, do I sound crazy?!

So, you want to simplify your life. Easy.. sure. Diet, exercise, drink lots of water, chew properly, pre-plan meals, sleep and become friends with a scale. Nothing to it.

Save yourself in 2012

I said it before and I'll say it again. I am not here to Martha Stewart the heck out of my life. My goal is not to go on about how perfect my "mommy" time is or how "wunderbar" my exercise routine is.
There was a time when I was fat, in constant physical pain and tired ALL the time. There was also a time when I had a skinny, toned body and I was in "demand" if you know what I mean? Yep, I was the bee's knees and all that in between. Uh-hu..
Now I am just a "mama" who has no time & no money for diets and gym. I don't have it all figured out but I know for a fact that there are countless people all over the world just like me. What I do have is my experience.
Sometimes, soms, ponekad, sommetider, parfois or manchmal I still tend to иногда (sometimes) gain a little weight here and there (mostly there), but I just refuse to spend every minute of every day counting calories and weighing food. Having said that, I have experienced all sides of the spectrum and the only words of wisdom I can offer is: LIVE. Make 2012 the year you start over & live WELL. Make 2012 your best year.
If you are fat and you don't know where to start, just start off by changing one thing in your life today. Cut out sugar out of your breakfast cereal and coffee. No, not Monday...
Next week, cut your portions by half as well and drink water to get that "full" feeling. Then the week after, start some form of exercise like dancing or walking as much and as fast as possible on top of all that. Once your stamina, fitness and energy levels have increased, add more Cardio, Strength & Stretching into your workout. Everything else will fall into place.
And remember.. I'm not here to Martha Stewart you, I am here to cheer you on.

Get in the fast lane

How time has flown? My youngest starts "big" school tomorrow. Many moms would feel old during a time like this, except for me. I still feel young. Now if someone could tell my body that, it will be much appreciated. My body and my mind are on two different levels right now. The one is worn and wobbly, the other is as sharp as a ...sharp as a ... nevermind!

There are very few things that exercise can not cure. It can cure saggy flabby skin, wobbly legs, bulges, lumps, bumps and rolls. It can cure your short life expectancy as well. The main thing is to do exercises that suits your lifestyle and your present condition. For example, let's say you have a bad back and weak knees from years of being overweight. The last thing you want to do is heavy weight lifting and Aerobics. Some of the Yoga & Pilate's positions also put a lot of strain on your back & knees and will do more harm than good. That is why you should do Callenetics instead and the other Yoga & Pilate's moves that do not put strain on your back & joints.

A healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables that have bright colours and as well as dark green vegetables are rich in Antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off free radicals in your body and helps keep you feeling & looking younger. Many people who eat the correct servings of fruit and vegetables a day, have better memory, concentration and knowledge retention that those who don't. Take a dose of Calcium combined with Magnesium and a multi-vitamin over and above the fruit and vegetables.
Healthy eating and exercise is good for your entire body: the internal organs, muscles, skin, brain and bones.
This is common knowledge and should not be news to anyone. We all know what to do. The trick is to actually do it.

Life is passing you by. Everyone else is living a healthy life and loving it. Seriously, healthy people love life, because they can do more, see more and be more. Nothing is impossible to them. Thin feels young & energetic, and it feels right. Stop wishing away your life in the slow lane and get in the fast lane.
Here's a suggestion: eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables with everything you eat today. Tonight, after the kids have gone to bed and all the chores have been done, take 30 minutes just to walk in one spot. Lift your knees really high without knocking yourself unconscious.
I guarantee you will not go to bed depressed and unhappy with what you did today. Tomorrow, the day after, the rest of the week.... do the same thing. Just losing a few kg's or pounds, will encourage you to do take your eating habits and exercises to a whole new level.

Today, the little effort and small changes you make, will instantly give you a far happier and better life than what you had yesterday.

Ever felt like this?

There are many days when I see pictures like the ones I posted on my blog today. I laugh not just because they are funny, but because in a very sad way, I identify with them more than anything else.

There are days when I try to take things one day at a time, but then several days attack all at once! Now that I have both my sons in "big" school, it seems even more so. First day of school and already the word" mom-mieee" is echoing through the house. This is needed, that is wanted, can't find this, food, juice, cartoon channels isn't working, and the list goes on and on and on.

I am so looking forward to tonight, when the cooking is done, the house is clean and the laundry is all packed up. The minute those little "job descriptions" of mine go to bed, it's ON. Mommy time!!

I will dance, do some strength workouts, a few stretches and Voila!! After my stress levels have seriously dropped...I am going to have a really nice relaxing bath.

This will be followed by some well deserved zzzzzzz's.

Plea - To the Glutton inside me

Lets' face it, everyone has a little glutton inside them. Unlike me, your little glutton might like shoes or other possessions. Mine craves food. So I have to be very careful. I can sneak one or two things in, but don't let it catch me, or else I completely lose the plot!!

Like I told one of my friends at work today, it's not just about what you eat, but how you eat. If my glutton takes over, I eat mouthfulls of anything and everything. I will easily finish a whole platter of food if I let myself. Whilst I am scoffing one thing in, the other mouthfull on my fork will already be on standby near my chin. And yes! where it comes to crisps, I  DOUBLE DIP!!! (horror of horrors!)

A good weight loss tip is to chew slowly and deliberatly. The more you chew, the more saliva helps breakdown the food and the easier it is to digest. The easier something is to digest, the better your body absorbs it. Your small intestine will attach enzymes to the digested food in order to release it into your bloodstream. From there the liver and pancreas will regulate how quickly your cells absorb the nutrients, amino acids, fatty acids and glucose. Your cells will either convert it into energy (very good) or store it (not so good). Therefore if you don't eat healthy foods slowly, chew a lot and have breaks in between loading forks, you will store fat.  
Also, the harder the food is to digest, the longer it takes. Carbs (eg. Fibre) and other things like Cheese are very hard to digest, so therefore they get stored longer. Your body needs carbs, but too much will turn into fat as well.

So, over and above eating proper food in small portions, drinking lots of water, getting excercise and sleep, you must also chew properly. There...weight loss made easy!

World Wide Web

We live in some awesome times, don't we? Thanks to the Internet we have more information at our disposal than ever before. When I was little, there were Libraries and my parents. The Library is not a fun place on a Saturday morning when you are a kid. Parents, now they just down right lie to their children. They pass the buck to each other and eventually one of them will explain things in such a way that you never ask them again!!! Everything is EVIL.

So, because of the internet we have everything online. A super information highway at our finger tips. We don't have to buy Encyclopedias anymore, we have Wikipedia. We can go online and diagnose ourselves and then buy the "all natural" medication for our ailment all in one go. We can buy Grade A Chicken. They are corn fed, Free range and the whole toot. We only want the best!! No one ever says: "give me the chicken got a B"..." a stupid looking one that thinks he is Peacock.
I love Peacocks, but not at the gym. You know the people I am talking about? The beefed up muscular baboons that flex every muscle in pose whenever they speak to you. Then they have the audacity to ask you" So, what do I need to work on today?"... "I don't know? Childhood issues maybe?" And then you realise that they are your designated personal trainer for the day and things get weird from there.  And the Awkward Moments award goes to...

Anyway, I digress. What I want to say is that with all the information at our disposal, we really don't have any excuses not to find the perfect diet and exercise for us. I'm not big on diets. To me diets vs healthy eating are like loneliness vs nostalgia. With diets you feel all alone and cut off from everything you love. Healthy eating, you long for certian things and remember them fondly.
Healthy eating and a few naughty things in moderation is my kind of life. That's my language! I don't deprive myself of anything. Why should I, life is too short.
As long as I burn those babies off with some kind of work out, I' m good. So good, I'm bad!!!

Miracle Cure found!!!

There was a new breakthrough Mircale cure found. It cures unhealthy relationships, unhealthy diets and unhealthy lifestyles. 

You can lose weight and prevent/ alleviate the repercussions of obesity like heart diseases, diabetes, skin problems and organ failure. It can stop people staring at you and judging you.
It can get you out of this rut you are stuck in. That boring, daily routine you have so comfortably carved for yourself. The one where your love life and social life is as exciting as a route canal. You can turn anything around with the new miracle cure. It has the power to control your life and what you are doing with this one little life that was given to you.

So many people sell themselves short. They put up with things they do not have to and do things that are harmful to them and their bodies. This miracle cure will help you achieve things you never thought possible.

The Miracle Cure is here.

The Miracle Cure is....YOU!!!

All you have to do is show up and step up.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Float like a bee!!!

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" was a quote that Muhammad Ali coined in his career. I don't follow boxing (or any other sport for that matter), but this is what always pops into my head when I hold a can of tin food in each hand. It's fun having "weights" in each hand and doing some boxing moves or my Jackie Chan moves. Yes, I look absolutely ridiculous, but you're not there to see it, so it's OK.
The truth is you don't have to have a fully equipped gym at home in order to do 10 minutes Cardio, 20 minutes strength exercises and 10 minutes of stretching in your own time and space.
You don't have to float like a butterfly...unless you are drowning in debt or something.
You don't have to sting like a bee (people tend to frown on that when you try).
You can do anything at home, any which way you want.

All you need is a spacious floor, some household items and music. Just remember to keep your knees & elbows slightly bent. Don't Hunchback of Notre-Dame yourself or you will end up looking like him when you are old.

Anything unused like full and unopened bottles of detergents, tin cans or shampoo bottles, etc can be used. You can do squats, curls, bench (aka floor) presses, upright rows, lateral raises, lunges and all the other fancy terms in the strength & resistance training lingo. Back when I "belonged" to the fraternity of circuit hopping sweat jockeys, I used to love these exercises. They never had queues because the machines were always less in demand than the bikes. Also I could sit down to do most of the exercises, BONUS!!

Honestly, I don't know if it's still like that, but at least my bedroom doesn't smell of other people's sweat & tears. Just my own...
But it's OK. Work in progress and all that, remember?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wobble, wobble, wobble!!

In all the research I have done over the years and every diet I have tried, the hardest lesson I have learned is this:
Dieting and exercising does not mean that you loose weight.

In some cases they cause you to loose muscle (lean body mass)instead. This is why people to have loose, wobbly, flabby skin left after severe weight loss. They have lost more muscle mass than body mass and end up having pockets of fat still lying in places like the saggy folds in their arms, tummy and legs. The only way to get rid of that is through surgery.

In other cases you pick up weight when you diet, because your exercise routine is all about building muscles You are not losing body fat but building muscle. This on it's own is not good, because your body will crave carbs in order to sustain your body during the vigorous workouts.
Essentially you will look fat even though you have great muscle tone.

You ideally want to loose fat and build muscle at the same time.  This is why I do not believe in one particular diet. I believe in healthy eating, lots of water and a combination workout consisting of cardio, strength and stretching.
This helps you to look lean yet build muscle mass whilst having lost body fat.
The key is to know yourself. Not just your ideal BMI, but also your blood sugar levels, waist size, cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, metabolism and family history.
It is pointless to want to loose weight when you don't know what you are up against.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bon... Natasha Bon

All the diets I have ever been on and every diet out there still, has these 4 stipulations: Small portions, exercise, water and sleep. ( I call it SPEWS) "I had spews today, what about you?" It has a nice ring to it and leaves people with those confused looks on their faces.
This is the basic key to weight loss. How you fit this into your life is up to you.
Many people tell me I don't eat enough or that I eat like bird. Are they implying that I have a pecker or referring to my nose? not sure...
The truth is I don't have time to eat 6 portions a day. Even if I did, I also don't think my bosses will be very impressed with that idea, seeing that we are not allowed to eat at our desks. We have to go to the upstairs staff dining room. (where staff must eat, not chat all day..sshhh!!!)
I like to eat only when I am absolutely starving. Very few people know what this feels like, but this "strange phenomena" happens to me about 3 times a day. Yeah sure, it might not be enough for some people, but for my metabolism it is a match made in Havana. Because I eat what I want and drink lots of water before and after I eat, there is no cravings or dizzy spells. Some diets do that you know? I increase my metabolism through exercise and the amount of water I drink, because that helps for fat burning purposes.
Another thing people don't realise it that my stomach has "shrunk" as well. Even if I did eat more, I chew slowly and will be full after a few bites anyway. Having six portions a day will take me all day long! People will see me snacking the whole day and just before home time I will be like "oh this? it's just my 4th portion".
In the end I am healthy and I am thin. To me, it is Bon... as in good.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get a hold of yourself, Woman!!!

Honestly, if I had a penny for the amount of times weight comes up in a conversation everyday, I would be a freaking Gazillion-naire. I myself want my lower body to look as good as my upper body. I want to feel and look young again. I want to be photogenic without posing like someone who suffered a neck injury.  But women who are very overweight going on and on about their weight, yet do nothing about it, really gets to me.
Every woman wants to look like a Victoria Secret model, we are genetically coded that way. Long before Playboy magazines, FTV and internet sites were dedicated to our bodies, we looked at ourselves differently to men.

Men look in the mirror and believe that women will still date them and their unborn beer keg. Women look in the mirror and see the figure of a badly dented Russian Matryoshka doll. Why do we always see ourselves in the worst light? I don't think it is because we have low self image or esteem. I think it affects our self image and self esteem, but it is not becuase of it. It may be becuase we heard from a friend of a friend that her sister's cousin's brother's daughter got left for a younger better looking woman. It may be because men are sexually charged, visually stimulated beings. It may be because we live in a human state of mind, where looks, possessions & elite status have always walked hand in hand. In some parts of Africa the more fat you have, the richer & more desirable you are. In other parts of the world, the longer your neck or the bigger your nose ring, the more desirable you are.
Women do this to themselves because of men. Yet they will have us believe that looks don't matter and they just want "confident" women. Sure!

So here's what women should do. Get fit & fantastic for yourself! Look after yourself because you want to look young and outlive that "better" half & spend the entire inheritance on a young toy boy.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Shooting from the hips

Last night I was sorting out all our photos and downloading them onto my digital photo frame for work. My conclusion: I am NOT improving with age! For those wondering, this has got nothing to do with low self esteem, but everything to do with self observation. 
15 years ago I didn't wear glasses, didn't have hips and thighs the size of a native's house and didn't have whatever you call this hair do. I used to be young. I used to be firm in places I can no longer reach, because my agility has gone the way of the Dodo. My stomach is paralized from the waist out. What happened to me? Whyyyyyiiii!!!

My hips & thighs are now the evidence that I am a mother, much like the stretch marks caused by those little life-sucking vampires I gave birth to. They are here to stay. My terrible eye sight is most likely going to deteriorate the older I get. I am supposed to be in the prime of my life. Instead it's like I am preparing for one day becoming that Warner Brother's granny with the little John Lennon glasses and bun in her hair. Sure, she's sweet. But I am too young to rock this look. Perhaps more exercise, healthy eating and some assistance of the surgical kind will help rectify this huge injustice and once again reset the the balance of the natural world to it's rightful place. Me young... and the rest old. (hehehe)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Here Piggy piggy

I am so excited to go back to work tomorrow!! Even though I got some exercise whilst on holiday and kept my portions small, I still managed to pick up weight. How could this be???? (shock & awe anyone??) Well, I didn't eat my normal home cooked meals at all. In fact, most of what I ate was from restaurants & take away places. (Stuff drrrenched in cheap OIL & Cheese!!)
My body could not burn off the fat fast enough to keep up with all the junk I ate!!! Am I upset? Not really. I enjoyed my holiday and don't regret it.
Alas now I can not wait to get to a scale and see the damage I did. I have no intention of "rectifying" the situation immediately, but it will be interesting to see what impact eating unhealthy, small portions with little exercise had on my weight.
I am not fat, but I can see a bulge or two have re-emerged. These unwelcome guests around my middle & ass will be out the door soon enough. I am not stressed out about it, because weight loss is easy.
Once again I will cut out sugar from my breakfast & 3 daily doses of coffee. I will take left over diner for lunch and drink lots of water. When I come home I will start exercising again. If you can call dancing exercising? In no time my body will be back to it's former glory. Well, at least the glory you can expect from a 37 year old mother with no time or money.
What I really want to do this year is focus more on strength. Get these flabby arms & legs to stop waving hello at everyone. I will keep you posted on that one.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Do it quickly

I read in an article that people who spend hours on a treadmill for months on end, will inevitably stop losing weight. They plod along every day and still look the same six months later. In this article it stated that once you start something, you initially see results because you are doing something different to what your body is used to. Then once your body adapts to this new routine, you reach a plateau. A stage when you stop losing weight.

This is not news to me. What was news to me is their suggestion on how to get over the stagnation. It really inspired me. The author suggested quick bursts of exercises rather than one form of exercise over the long term. Run as fast as you can until you are out of breath. Then walk until you have regained your breath, or in my case replace the lung I just lost!!! Then run as fast as you can again .
When you do exercises at home or in the gym, do quick bursts of back breaking, heart pumping workouts and then something less exhausting.
This "shocks" your body back into losing weight. Is it not brilliant?? I must say, I experienced this "plateau" before in the past, but never thought of changing up my routine to continue losing weight. All I did was add more and more to my workout. Yes, there were still results, but to do quick bursts of exercises just seems like common sense, doesn't it?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Resolutions are only intentions

It's 2012 and so many people start the year off with resolutions. Loose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, blah, blah, blah...
I am yet to meet anyone that has made a resolution and stuck with it. When I have complimented someone, they never responded with: "Thanks, it was my New Year's Resolution to do this".  We all make little "promises" to do something in the new year and mostly start off with the best of intentions. What happens after that, is a little thing called "life". You can't change something overnight. "OH, it's January the 1st, better change my lifestyle!!"... I don't think so.
Strangely, no one I have ever met has beaten themselves up for not sticking to a resolution. Many women will be devastated over cheating on a diet just once, but a resolution?  No one ever keep those, so it's not a big deal. Forget about it!!

So why make them? Because inherently we want something to make us change our bad habits. We can not do it on our own. We need to hear bad news from the doctor, before we stop killing ourselves. We need to have a huge sign from the heavens to encourage us to change our ways. We need New Year's Eve to make resolutions and give us the chance to change something. The next holiday at the coast is our motivation to lose weight so we can have perfect beach bodies. Encouragement, motivation, pressure, resolve, doctor's orders. They can make us change, because we can't do it on our own.
Fortunately you are not on your own and you do not have to do anything overnight. If you want to loose weight this year, start slowly by cutting out a lot of your sugar intake. Take walks around your neighbourhood. Drink lots of water. Eat smaller portions. Baby steps!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Life is for the living

I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Having taken the last 3 weeks to explore some parts of this country, my belief in the value of life has been re-affirmed. I saw the most breath taking sunsets. A sun rise over the ocean, whilst it was drizzling on land. The sparkles of Edward Cullen had nothing on the rain drops I saw that day!!!
Whilst hiking in the mountains, there were waterfalls that sometimes appeared out of the nowhere. I also cannot describe the eeriness of watching soft grey clouds slowly creep our way over the mountains and then surround the cottage we stayed in. It looked like a scene from the movie The Mist. Brrrrrrr.   
Then there was the gruesome car accident we came accross. Six dead people folded up like pretzels on the tarmac, their faces bashed in from the impact. Blood and car parts everywhere. Inside the car a severly injured and hysterical women who had just lost her family the day before Christmas whilst a complete stranger is comforting her. Some strangers directed traffic, while others where on their mobile phones contacting emergency services.
I believe that people just like everything in nature are all connected. We are all Celestial beings in temporary vessels. Our bodies are mere fragile housings that can easily break or perish, but our souls live on.
When I see someone, I no longer see that they are fat or thin. I see a soul, going through life as they know it. Someone with worries, fears, regrets and dreams. I see a mortal vessel hiding pure energy and light.
Life is so short. No one knows the exact date or time they will die. Live life to the full everyday, like it's your last. But remember when you get to that higher place, and they ask you what you did with your life, loving life and taking care of your "vessel" will be a good answer.