Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Angelina Jolie - NAH!!

If you don't look like Angelina Jolie, don't beat yourself up. Her and I are the same age, yet I am glad that I look 10 times more healthier and in control than her. According to news reports everybody seemed to be shocked at how gaunt and skeletal she looked at the Academy Awards this past weekend. 
She reportedly says stress makes her lose weight. In that case, give me some that!? I would love to have that kind of stress, but just not as much!  
My stress involves cleaning a home, cooking, laundry and managing things like our household budget, kids homework, kids after school activities and our household shopping. Over and above this I work full time for a bunch of people that won't know Company Policy and Procedure unless it's on a bar menu. Then I still have to find time for me and some time for my husband. Same as you...

Sadly no amount of stress can make me lose weight and keep it off in the long term. The only time I ever lost weight and kept it off the longest, was when I stopped following the diets of doctors and authors. Stopped the workouts of personal trainers and fitness gurus, and stopped believing in every gizmo and gadget that was invented. It was when I made up my own health and fitness lifestyle to suit me. 
Now I am a size 6 and the only one at work that gets to have someone's Birthday cake, because everyone else is following someone else's idea of what they should and should not eat. Such a Shame!?

Sure, I will toast them when they have accomplished their goals, until then... cake anyone????

Monday, 27 February 2012

Keep Going Miss Boeing

This is one of the best quotes EVER!! 

It is so applicable where it comes to those who want to lose weight versus those who are losing weight. 
Obese people always have excuses. When I was obese, my excuse was that I loved food too much. I still do. Now I love it in smaller portions. I hate a gym, but I love dancing. Now I am making a fool of myself in the privacy of my own bedroom instead, and getting great exercise on top of it. It was mind over matter in the end, because my excuses means nothing today. 

Give exercise a try, even if it is just dancing to your favorite tunes.  
If you ever get the time,  get hold of Safri Duo's "The Bongo song". If you can not move to that song, it's because you are brain dead! It is a phenomenal song to dance, cycle, run or do anything to and my no 1 choice.
My other top playlist songs:
Paul Van Dyk's - Vonyc Sessions
Lady Gaga - Born this way or Marry the night
David Guetta - well anything of his really...
Foo Fighters - Learn to fly & Learning to walk again
Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody
These songs always motivate me into moving  my body, even on the worst days. Movement is so important to me now,  that if I don't exercise in some form, I feel cranky, weak and awful. Any healthy eating and exercise makes me feel like I am doing something right. Anything else..well it just feels WRONG. My mind knows it, my body knows it, my soul knows it. Somehow my whole day is just not the same without exercise. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

What Fat People Fear

Every diet and exercise has it pitfalls. 
There is a trade off where you get something but have to give something else up in order to get it. Some diets, like the Atkins diet give you lots of meat, but very little else.  For most diets you have to give up sugar, the three fats (mono saturated fat, trans fat and  polyunsaturated fat) and a lot of carbs in order to lose weight. You start craving what your body does not have. Why? because your body needs a little of everything. This is no excuse to go out and buy a Burger. Your body needs the good, healthy stuff  with minerals, nutrients and vitamins.
The pitfalls with exercise is that you think you can eat normally, because your are exercising. That is not the case. You need to burn all the fat you have gained over the years, not just the little bit you ate a few hours ago. You can not burn fat and eat a lot or eat unhealthy.  You can not break down the wall bit by bit, if you keep filling the gaps with Putty. 
The next pitfall is people starving themselves because once they exercise they think they are gaining weight. You are not getting fat, you are building muscle which weighs more. 
Once most people become thin, they fall for the biggest pitfall of them all: The old life. They assume that now that they have lost all the weight they gained, they can go back to eating big fatty meals and not exercise just like in the "good old days".  The fact is you can not.  That does not mean that you have to stay on a diet forever. 
The good news is that once you have lost weight, your focus is on weight maintenance not weight loss.
You can eat whatever you want, but make sure the majority is healthy and that you work off whatever you ate. 
You also don't have to exercise every day. You can exercise three times a week if you want. 
I know that is what scares fat people the most and is the main factor why they don't lose weight sooner. 
They fear that they have to stay on a strict diet and exercise regime forever, because if they don't, they will become fat again. All that hard work and sacrifice for nothing. As I can testify, it is not like that. Losing weight is not hard work, you don't have to be on a strict diet forever and exercise can be something you enjoy like swimming or dancing. You don't have to become a gym fanatic unless you enjoy it. 
To lose weight and to keep it off all you needs is smaller portions, healthy food (because that burns off quicker than fatty food), lots of H2O and any form of exercise you enjoy. Some sleep and meditation goes a long way too. Early bed times won't make your brain confuse tiredness for hunger and meditation has proved to be excellent for weight loss because of its stress reducing and appetite reducing properties. 
Face your fears with courage, and reap the rewards.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Ask Paris Hilton

Being skinny has it's perks. Just ask Paris Hilton? She can not really act, dance or sing that well.  Her beauty can not be compared to that of Kate Beckinsale (or the other famous British Kate for that matter), but she has made a great career because of her body.
Most people say she is rich and famous for being rich and famous. I think she is rich and famous because she markets & promotes her self well. 

So if you want the world to be your oyster, hub of operations or bread basket, just become thin. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stay strong

You have decided to lose weight. You have started eating healthier and now you want exercises to do at home. You discover there are no easy workouts at home without going through the great expense of obtaining dumbbells and gym equipment. Defeat sets in and you immediately lose your will to continue this "health" thing. FEAR NOT!!!

Start off with a bit of Cardio for 10 minutes. Jump, run a little, skip...you know...the stuff that makes you breathless and sweaty.

Then take two cans of tin food or soup in cans. Do as much of each of these arms exercises (with a can in each hand) as you humanly can:

Work out your legs (if your knees permit it) by doing as much of these squats and lunges as possible. 


Now the tummy and hips. When you are done, lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Place your neck on your chest. Straighten your arms to your knees. Roll your shoulders forward and back.  Stop when your stomach starts quivering. Stand up and touch your toes. Sit down and touch your toes. All these must be done, as always, as much as possible.

There!!! Follow this routine with 10 minutes of stretching.  Every day do more and more and you will see results very quickly.

If all else fails, dance!!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

10 Reasons why fat kill

Obesity and fat has an impact on your whole body. As a whole obese people are treated differently (especially in the job market) to thin people. Medical Aid companies also discriminate against obese and fat people. I know this because I was one of them.
In their defense, they do it for good reason. Fat affects your body in the following manner:
1) Brain: Fatty deposits form in the arteries and can lead to strokes.
2) Lungs: Respiratory problems and sleep Apnoea because of the weight carried. Obese people also suffer from Chronic tiredness and lack of energy, which impacts their performance.
3) Heart: Heart attacks are commonly caused by the hardening of arteries, high blood sugar and weakening of the heart muscle due to the strain of the weight carried.
4) Gal Bladder: Gall stones are common in obese people due to what they eat and drink. This can lead to infection of the Gall Bladder and Pancreas.
5) Stomach: obese people's stomach is stretched far beyond what it should be. It increases the risk of getting stomach cancer.
6) Pancreas: due to the high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels the Pancreas can not release insulin properly. This can lead to Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer.
7) Intestines: The added weight causes all intestines to function abnormally. The fat also constricts your organs and they have to work twice as hard. There is a higher risk of cancer as well as kidney and liver failure.
8) Bones: Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis due to the excessive weight on the joints and bones. Bone density decreases with age but also with obesity, because of the person's lack of activity and exercise.
9) Reproductive problems: Menstrual irregularities and infertility are common in fat women because fat damages your eggs. Your diet also affects the way your body releases a protein to develop the eggs into embryos.
10) Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease: Obese people get NAFL which weakens the liver and lead to liver failure.

These are the 10 reasons you should lose weight if you are overweight or obese. Everyday a little bit more weight sneaks up on you along with more depression, anxiety and low self esteem. That leads to more eating and so the cycle starts again. Before you know it you are bed ridden and dying of a number of things you could have done differently. You only get one life. Is it not time you start living it?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Doughnut Disturb!!

It is Monday night so you you know what that means. Mommy time, мама време, мама время, mama tempo, Mâmiò laiks or Mami Zeit. The universal language all mothers understand, because we get so little of it. I , however, have an hour to myself every night, after the little "horrors" have gone to bed, where I can do anything I want. Sometimes I exercise and sometimes I eat something really naughty while watching TV. Either way, it is my party and I will cry if I want to! For that hour I am left in total peace.

It honestly, is the only way I have retained my sense of humour and kept my sanity. Come rain or shine, sweltering summer or freezing winter. My time is not negotiable! My precioussssss...
If you pre-cook meals, get up earlier to clean the house, do a little bit of laundry every day rather than twice a week, this time can be yours too. It does not matter if you already go to a gym. The quintessential reason for "mommy time" is to reboot the server, if you know what I mean? Even if you are a single mother, that alone time you spent on yourself as opposed to by yourself, does wonders for your well being. You can do cheap and natural facials, manicures, pedicures, exfoliate your whole body or just dance your daily stress away.
With that comes more energy, looking better, feeling better and sleeping better. If you don't know where to start, just put on a great CD  and let the music decide for you. As Madonna once said: "music is life, music is poetry, music is sex, music is fantasy!!"

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wisdom - all 30 somethings have it!

I am so proud of my friend Elana. She is a single mother and still manages to find time to exercise!! Like I told her anything is better than nothing. She is taking control of her life and her health one step at a time. Literally!!!
That is so inspiring!! Everyday I am more and more inspired and motivated by people like her, because they have the strength in character and moral fibre to take charge of this one life they have.

Just one thing can change everything. Today you are walking, tomorrow you are eating right and before you know it, you are healthy and thin. That's at least what happened in my case. Once I cut my portions and saw that I was able to lose weight, the walking followed. Pretty soon I was skinny and living a healthy life style. OK, I went a little overboard back in those days. Instead of just eating right I became a full blown Vegetarian and worked out for 2 hours a day. I became the really cheap date. I ate from the free salad bar and got drunk on two sips of wine. How was I not married sooner! Don't men kill for a chick like that??? 
Oh well, Bygones! But the moral of the story is the ball got set in motion. I didn't diet, but I did what every diet book, Dietitian and Fitness Guru still say to this day. I ate small portions, drank lots of water and exercised. Later on I added the meditation and the sleep part. Wisdom came with age not with brains in my case.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cheat codes

If you are looking to lose weight but don't know where to start, the simple question is why? Why do you want to lose weight? Most women do it for EVERYTHING but themselves. They have an important function they want to look good for, a holiday, kids, a man or a competitor they feel threatened by. What about losing weight for you?
Every woman wants to live longer and look younger. Every woman wants perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect nails and a perfect body. Every woman wants to look good, because that is when she feels good.
Eating healthy and exercise can achieve all of the above. What happens next is just a Bonus. When you have lost a lot of weight, for some reason your career, love life and social life seems to pick up at hyper speed. I know this because I used to be fat. The minute I lost a lot of weight, I became popular, worthy and in demand.

After making losing weight about living longer and looking younger, the pressures and guilt that goes along with dieting dissappears. You eat healthy because you want to and not because some guy that wrote a book told you to. You do exercises that suit you, at your own pace when you have time. If you do have something unhealthy or you don't exercise that day, you don't feel guilty. You don't want to punish yourself over how you have undone the hard work you put in, because you are NOT on a diet. You are living a healthy life the way you want to. It simplifies matter doesn't it?

How do you do this? You know yourself better than anyone else. You know your lifestyle and your schedules. Figure out when you can exercise and which exercises you like best. Mine is dancing with weights. Nothing to it!!! Exercise is something you only need to do for 30-45 minutes a day. Surely your busy schedule can accommodate that?
Eating healthy is something you do during meal time. Snack and tea time, eat anything you like, but in moderation. Eat a small plate of dark chocolate squares mixed with Almonds instead of a bag of crisps. Healthy eating is not about Lettuce and low fat products. It is about baked foods instead of deep fried foods. It is about all kinds of meats, vegetables and fruits that you can do amazing dishes with. You can experiment and have fun in the kitchen! It's true. Healthy meals are as easy and delicious as anything you can buy from a take out shop. You can even make your own take out using fresh and healthy ingredients. Chinese, Sushi, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc. Anything can be made at home these days with healthier ingredients and cooking supplies, like Grape Seed oil instead of Lard or Sunflower oil.

It is about balance and moderation. You brought children into this world, you most certainly can do anything else!! Find your happy medium. Put on paper if need be and give it a try.

Friday, 17 February 2012

No one ever died trying

When I was young I dreamed of doing something remarkable with my life. To become an Archaeological discoverer, a CEO of a company, a movie critic or something influential. However because I was fat my dream, just like losing weight, was impossible to me. It was one of those things that could not be done. I really tried everything!!
My husband wanted to work for NASA (he's also South African?). I think he was on more than just dreams back then.
Here we are 20 odd years down the line. We have normal jobs, lots of debt and living in the "Burbs" with two kids. Yep, living the dream.

As much as I thought losing weight was impossible back then, somehow I did it without words like "determination" or "hard work". All it took was less eating and more exercise. The eating less part was accomplished by drinking lots of water to fill me up instead of food. The exercise was accomplished by just walking at first. Gradually it moved to more exercises like Aerobics, Callanetics and dancing. Pretty soon I went from a fat freak to a fitness freak. (never could do things in half measures?)
I became too thin and too picky about food, so living then wasn't much fun either.

These days I consider myself to be normal weight with normal eating habits. I like to still eat mostly healthy, not just to stay skinny and healthy, but because everything is so much better when you are thin. It's hard to explain, but doing things and accomplishing dreams seems easier. This year I am going to work on physical strength and languages. My dream was to do something influential, but I think I will stick to my day job and Motivate instead!!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

If You Are Happy, And You Know It...

Share you meds (clap-clap). If you are happy and you it...share your meds.

That is what I am doing. I am sharing my successes and failures. My knowledge and my experience. I am very happy with my weight at the moment. As usual the "firming" thing isn't working as fast as I would like. At least I am constant and stable...(well physically anyway)

Ever battle to sleep? That happened to me last night. I haven't had "mommy time" in a few days so I guess it's normal that I was not physically and mentally zombified when I went to bed.
So, lying in bed, I reminded myself to make an appointment at the beauty school to have my hair coloured again. It's cheap and they need the practice!
Hair colours came to mind and of course the new freaking Power Rangers too. Frankly Rihanna, Katy, Gaga and Nicky remind me more of the Teletubbies. The names suit them better... Dinky Winky, Tipsy, Ta-tart and HO. (not necessarily in the below order)

But enough about them. My point is sleep is so very important. Dr. Dennis Rosen on Psychologytoday.com listed some reasons why sleep is so important for kids and adults. I agree wholeheartedly with him.
Rejuvanation, restoration, development, memory retention and weight control (just to name few) occurs while you sleep. The entire fabric of your being is dependent on sleep. Lack thereof will lead to serious health issues and possible accidents resulting in  injury or death. Most accidents during the day occur close to home. That's what happens when you have a few sleep deprived, irritable and rushed drivers going Speedy Gonzales down the road. So sleep, rest well and take deep breaths. I sure will tonight!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Things I wish my mother told me

It is sad to think of the possibility that one day we will all be old and falling apart. Some of us will get Osteoporosis. Some Arthritis. Some strokes. Some Heart disease. Some will lose their motor skills. Some will lose their hearing or sight. No one comes off unscathed. Everyone will get old and dilapidated.
We spend all our lives working hard, raising kids and contributing to society just to end up like helpless babies again. Dependant, needy, diaper wearing adults.

I have a great mom, she taught me everything but she did not really explain why I needed to do them. Then again she had 4 daughters to raise!!! She had the high maintenance retard sister first, so I guess that also contributed to her not having time to explain the following she taught me: 

1) Use sunscreen daily: even if it is cloudy to help fight the effects of ageing and cancer.
2) Use Moisturiser and exfoliate your whole body, not just your face: to keep your skin young.
3) Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise: It will keep your internal organs healthy, your mind sharp and your body fit.
4) Drink multi-vitamins daily: to help your immune system.
5) Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements together: because your body can not absorb Calcium without Magnesium. This will help keep your bones and brain strong.
6) Take care of your teeth. They are the biggest sign of your health and status. A smile is your greatest fashion accessory. 
7) Take care of your eyes. Wear sunglasses outdoors and don't rub them with your hands. You will need them always and look dorky with glasses.
8) Take Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplements daily: to help your brain power, concentration and memory.
9) Get lots of sleep. Your body really needs it to fight off illness and rejuvenate your skin cells and brain cells.
10) Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. It kills your organs, skin, hair, teeth, brain cells, health and everything you hold dear in life.

Very few teenagers & young adults will actually take time to do any of the above, unless it is part of the routine they were raised with.
My only hope is that the damage I did was not done beyond repair and that I can grow old with dignity and eloquence. I wish to look the picture of health if nothing else.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Poem

I guess every blogger will have something to say
about this...Valentine's day.
They will mention healthy food
instead of chocolate to get you in the mood.
They will go on about exercise and fitness
like a relentless Jehovah's witness.
Eat the flowers, leave the stems
forget candlelight dinners and expensive gems.
Stick to you diet and gym 
do not make an exception for him.
This day is just an excuse
for companies to continue their abuse,
increase their sales at the consumer's expense
and insult our common sense.
After all, as many will say
everyday should be Valentine's day.

Fitness and Diet bloggers will protest
that this day is just another test.
But not me...
If you get spoiled a little or a lot
enjoy it anyway, why not?
for Life is fleeting & fast
and love is not guaranteed to last
Tomorrow you can work off all the love showed to you
and resume a healthy eating habit or two.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Grub's up!!!

I like to vary my meals but keep them healthy. Tonight we had Cucumber, Carrot and Salmon Cream Cheese Wraps. Phenomenal!! Not only does it look good, it is healthy, cheap and fast. The Carrots were bought in strips already. The only thing I had to do was grate the Cucumber, lay it on the Wrap with the rest and TA-DA!!!
In winter I do Mince curry and warm the Wraps to make them nice and toasty. They are so versatile.

If you do not like Wraps, Rotis or Pita bread, there is an alternative. Savoury pancakes. Anything goes with a Pancake and Pancakes go with any occasion. No matter what veggies or meats you use as fillings, they all taste like Christmas. These are all healthy in moderation and you can use it to force healthy food into your family's systems with no effort at all. 
The great part is that you can buy all of the Wraps, Roti's, breads and pancake bases already made. Seriously if you can get anything in Africa ready made, you can them ready made ANYWHERE!!! Then have fun making up your own dinner with options you like. Trust me, your ingredients will be far healthier than if you were to buy the whole soggy thing at a take out joint.

Another family favourite, especially when we entertain is a Mongolian Braai. In your country it is known as a Cook-out, Grill,  Barbecue, Барбекью, Grilovanie or Roštilj. We lay out a variation of anything from Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers, Carrots, Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Spring beans and Lentils. We then have pre-cut beef strips, chicken strips, bacon strips and shrimp in bowls. Also on the table is some Soy sauce, HP Sauce or Worcester Sauce. Guests dish up what veggies and meats they feel like. They grill it on the Weber or Cadac dish and add the sauces, some spices and wine or beer to taste. Serve with Noodles breads or rice, easy as that. The best part is that if the food is crap, they can not blame anyone but themselves for their bad choices. (Bwah-ha-ha - evil laugh)
This is healthy, cheap and (depending on the amount of Webers or Cadacs you have to cook with) very fast!!

Natasha Thanks YOU

I am grateful for this blog and to everyone who reads it. As said in a previous post, this blog helps me more than it does you. I have a love/ hate relationship with my body. I love eating and it hates burning fat. Then I have a hate/ love relationship with weight. It hates me and I love to get rid of it!!  Even though I don't have any members that religiously follow me, the people who read it motivates me. Everyday I see you have read the very little I have to say, I become more inspired to keep the weight off.

As a result, as soon as payday comes along, I am going to invest in my first pair of size 8 pants (UK & RSA size)  in a very long time (that's a size 6 in USA, size 34 in Europe or a size 9 in Asia) Not bad!!! Although if I convert it, and I was living in Italy I would be a size 40 right now. Glad I don't live in that country!!! What do you have to do to be a size 6 in that place!? Never mind that, what will you look like? Female version of an Anorexic midget Ahmed comes to mind.

My size 10 pants currently looks like I dropped a "doodie" in it. It just hangs there as if JLo's butt got popped by surgical needles. The waist is also too big, meaning I can't go anywhere without a belt. Consequently the belt ruffles up the waist so it looks like I have a pleated cup cake wrapper around my stomach. Not a purdy picture. Definately time for new pants!!

So, a Big THANK YOU to every one who reads my blog. THANK YOU for inspiring me to keep the weight off. THANK YOU for keeping me fit (well as fit as a mom like me can be). God Bless blogger.com and it's domainer's readers.

The Month of Love

The 1st of February. The month of ,День святого Валентина,Valentīna Diena , Saint Valentin, Alla hjärtans dag, Valentinstag or as we know it Valentine's Day. Now if you have been married for as long as I have and your wedding anniversary also falls under this month, you don't really celebrate Saint Valentine.

You toss each other a chocolate or leave your better half a few small pieces out of the entire box you just ate a few days earlier. There are no cards, no flowers, no bubble baths and no rose petals strewn all over the floor I just mopped. It is just another day. I am really happy with this arrangement. As a broke, full time employed and busy mom, I can't really afford this day in any shape or form anymore. It is a case of...I will come home, cook a romantic, candlelight dinner, and have it automatically ruined by two voices going: "I can't see my food mom!!". After cooking, laundry and homework, the kids are finally asleep. I will want to run a bubble bath, only to find out that my son's used the bubble bath in their water guns to "wash the dogs".  You get the drift...no matter what you plan,  kids will ruin it!!

Not only is Valentine's Day impossible when you have kids in school, but it is very expensive.
My only contribution to this day will be chocolate and some lingerie. In order to look good in said lingerie, I am going to be working out a bit longer.

I suppose the Easter Eggs I had for dinner last night defeated the object...oh well! It's the month of love, not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Audition after all.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


So many people call me Tai, a rather strange nickname, but I like it. I use it a lot too, but don't tell any of them. In my native tongue it means "sticky". Not sure if I should have told you that? 

I am a go-getter. A real "take no prisoners" kind of woman. My attitude in life is very unforgiving, especially where it comes to me. I am very hard on myself and rarely let myself  forgive or forget my own mistakes. Thank the heavens I don't do diets... can you imagine the repercussions of that. Certifyable I know...

Too much time is spent on weight. People all over the world are obsessed with it. I think people should focus on what they can and can not do. As a fat girl, I could not run or do that hard core crap you see on shows like "The Biggest Loser".  As a busy, broke mom with a full time job I can not go to a gym. My kids schedules, working hours and budget will not allow it. I can not live on greens and beans alone. What I can do is eat as healthy as possible, exercise after my kids have gone to bed and use low budget household items as gym equipment. I am very resourceful that way. A little this, a little that and (cue the bright lights and angel music) Haaaaaa...the answer to my prayers.

Now I stay thin and thanks to my healthy eating habits I have great teeth, great skin, great bones, great health, you get the picture. Anyone can too with a Can Do attitude. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hey, hey it's Friday

Finally the day many of us look forward to. The start of the weekend. For many this means imitating a still painting of a couch potato. For some it means doing something they enjoy. Mostly it is about not working.

You then get those who think not working also means not taking care of themselves. Diets, exercise and any healthy habits get beamed to some universe far far away.  Sure! be good 4 days a week and undo everything by continuing killing yourself the other 3. Great plan!! You must be smoking from the "tree of knowledge", "Charlie Sheen's pipe" or "devil's lettuce" if you think this is a good idea. 

We can live well and enjoy ourselves even if we are on a healthy lifestyle. It's all about portions and self control. If you are going to eat something unhealthy make sure it is a very small portion, lots of water is consumed and that some exercise occur sometime. Try to eat something healthy before you have that unhealthy thing as desert (even if it is something salty or savoury like potato chips).   

It really is not that hard. It's about balance. Something healthy, then something unhealthy. Even if you are drinking alcohol apply the same trade off with water. For starters we will get less drunk and not have a hangover from dehydration the next day. 

We have the power to turn anything around at any time. Everything in moderation. Nothing is impossible. Eating, drinking and exercise is possible any day of the week. 

And in case you need some encouragement to eat and drink in moderation, here's some motivation:

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interesting fact

When most Presidents around the world, give their "State of the Nation" speeches, most people wonder two things:
1) What issues they are going to address
2) Who (as in which Designer's outfit) his wife is going to wear.
In my country it's a case of wondering who one of his 14 wives are and which one he will take with. The intrigue of which Designer she is going to wear is immediately eliminated as it will be a Circus tent regardless. Very colourful circus tent!!

In this country having more than 1 wife is not a CULT, it's CULTURE, especially if you are the President of said country.
I have nothing against this, but the facts are that these people are looked up to. With all that money, surely they can lose weight easier than those of us that are broke?
If you compare them to other First World Presidential couples, why is it that ours look so poor? Only poor poeple can't afford a world class diet and personal trainer. (or taste for that matter)

We are financially strapped, limited in options and assistance, yet we still take care of our bodies. Just like me, many moms have found their "recipes" to success. They maintain their weight, health and looks with no problems despite their busy schedules.

So here's a special message to ALL privileged wives...

Do Something About it!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rebel with a cause

I know I am supposed to be bloggin about weight loss and weight loss maintenance, but the fact is, I think of myself more as a motivator. That is why I changed my Blog description (glad you noticed).

I have a lot of experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, diets and such, but my whole life is about not following rules. I don't want to be bound to a fitness regime that will make me look like Madonna. I don't want to diet for the rest of my life and feel guilty when I "cheat".
Everybody, including me, wants to look good (for their age), but I am all about living longer and looking younger. Having said that, "LIVING" is the operative word here. I want to live doing what I want, when I want and eat what I want.  Going from Fatty to Fitness freak wasn't really hard, but my type A personality could handle only so many addictions! Food vs fitness...with my sweet tooth, it clashed too much. Now I balance it all out.

 Seriously, we all know what to do, but getting to it is another story right? Make one small change. Just add fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit to your daily meals. Even if you go to restaurants you have the option of veggies over fries!! Use it, don't don't use it.  The option is there.
Then cut down on sugar products. Drink lots of water before and after you eat small potions. Balance it all out with a little something you consider a treat now and again. Next up:  Precook meals, plan healthy menus and save yourself some time to exercise.

 If going to gym is not your "thing", try exercising in your bedroom or lounge. There are some brilliant home exercises you could try. If you are not up to that, try dancing. You will be amazed how much fun it is. Use household products as your weights to dance with and wear heavy shoes to help muscle tone on your legs. Everything is easy if you just know how.

Take supplements and vitamins, and you will be on your way to optimal health quickly. The more you know about workouts, weight loss and nutrition the better, so Google a lot.

One small change will eventually snowball into a lifestyle suitable for you as a mom. Fast , easy and cheap... that's the way I did it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Can I hear a Whoo-Whoo!!

My energy levels are off the chart today!!! I had a long busy day at work and when I got home I cooked, started laundry and then got the kid's homework going after dinner (that was 30 minutes ago). I am in the mood to give my house a good clean now.
Once the kiddies go to bed, I am going to exercise some more.

It's amazing what just a little bit of exercise can do for your energy levels. To think that a few days ago I blogged about how tired I was and now I feel alive again. I think my typing speed also increased, but I am not to sure. Am I talking too fast???

Anyway, like I said exercise is awesome!! Oh, tonight I will try full Callanetics version I downloaded off the Internet. It will be fun to try those moves again. Last time I did it, I was fat. Now I am thin and fit (for a mom) so I will see how that goes. (смеяться, rire, lachen aka LAUGH)
The only bits of Callanetics I have done over the years where the ones that worked really fast in terms of weight loss and toning. The ab workout is the BEST! out of all the exercises I have done over the years (including gym) their stomach exercises worked the fastest. I had a flat toned tummy in no time.

So what if you don't feel up to doing Callanetics. You can walk. You can run. You can dance. Any form of exercise will make you feel like 1 million bucks (Rubles, Euros, Lats, Lira or Rupees). It's a start!!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Middle aged supermom

As moms with careers, families and homes to manage it is impossible to look like a 20 year old model. We all want to be that, but I think we should be grateful that we are not.

A single 20 year old girl with no kids has no idea what she wants, who she is or what she is capable of. As mothers we know what we want. Good husbands and even better children. Sure, we want the best for them as well...what mother won't say that? We know who we are because we see it in our children. They mimic and model our behaviour. So if we are total bitches, they will be too. Just kidding.
Our children give us the strength to define our relationships, careers and personalities. We know who we are, because we are free to be ourselves due to the fact that they love us unconditionally. We set our standards high in everything we do just to lead by example. 
We know what we are capable of because of what we have been through to have children and to raise them. Those young girls are lost little sheep, who have yet to learn the meaning of being selfless, vulnerable and courageous.

Young girls might have no stretch marks, saggy bits or cellulite, but those marks are the evidence that we have the most important job in the world...Mother. They can keep their perfect little bodies, because on a whole, we are more than they are. Very few women will ever be comfortable in their own skin, no matter what age they are, but once moms realise how important they are and what they mean, they will drop the focus from the "outer" beauty. We are more, because we have experience, insurance and life skills. We have mastered the art of seduction, manipulation and persuasion. We can discipline or defuse a situation with just the LOOK.   

Forget the "you" you once were. Live in the present. Love being in the body you have. Just take care of it. You need to live longer!!!That is what your kids want. In the end they are your legacy. They are what is most important.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Where's the Energizer Bunny when you need him?

What a hectic weekend!!! Having family and friends stay over really takes it out of you, doesn't it? I am so tired, yet today I have to do laundry, clean up and prep food for the week ahead to save cooking time. Eventually I will have to make an effort to spend time with my kids and see to it that all their school stuff are ready for tomorrow. Hopefully I will get in some exercise during all this or perhaps later tonight. I did not exercise a stitch this weekend so my energy levels are dot gone! I don't have energy to do anything (let alone exercise), yet the only way to get my energy back is to exercise. It's a dilemma bigger than Belle's saga in Twilight.

время (Time)...never enough of it every day. Especially for us moms trying to look younger and live longer. It's a full time job on it's own. There are supplements, vitamins, lotions and potions (twice a day by the way). Then there are healthy meals to prepare and exercises to do. Doing all this whilst having two needy, absent minded kids in Primary school, working full time and running a household  is tricky at best. Trying to fit this into a busy schedule is like trying to fit an elephant into a bath tub!!!

BUT, there's no time for excuses either. Better to get things done quickly, so we can fit in some mommy time.

Why do we do this? Because we LOVE too much. We love our family too much to die young. We love our homes too much to let it become a sink hole of trash and desease. We love our kids too much to let them down.
So we work hard, take care of ourselves, eat healthy and do exercises. This makes us feel complete.

After all is said and done everyday, the sense of well being and that all is right in the world returns. Energy levels have increased. Calm and order is restored. All the effort paid off.

Peace of mind and true happiness is just a chore away.