Monday, 30 April 2012


Like you, many people are trying different things to lose weight. Despite eating healthy and exercising, they are also taking Chinese Teas, over the counter diet pills, laxatives, Salt Crystals and all sorts of slimmers drinks.
In the end they are dying of pain and still struggling to lose weight. The facts are simple. They overeat and then drink tonics which gives them the equivalent result of going through a very painful child birth. They spend hours on the toilet and then eat some more. They do the same exercises day after day and still expect something to change.
That is insane!! Of course they lose weight, but sadly they do not keep it off. After a while your body eventually gets used to the tonics and the effects wear off. Unfortunately, the chemicals and ingredients in most of these "all natural" products are anything but natural and you end up damaging your kidneys and liver. In a nut shell,  the effects of the tonic wear off, but the damage to your internal organs continue.
There is also a very damaging effect on your brain. When you eat healthy, exercise or do something right your brain releases Serotonin and Endorphins (a "feel good" chemical). By going through the very painful experience after having had a tonic, your brain releases chemicals to help counteract the pain. The cause and effect results in abnormal heart rate activity and that can lead to anxiety, depression or paranoia.
I have been there. The promises I have made whilst on the "throne"!!!

Weight loss should not be difficult or painful. Eat small portions, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate and sleep. Each on its own does not take a lot of time (apart from sleep).
It does not require sacrifice. Healthy foods are not about eating rabbit food. Healthy eating can be balanced meals with a little unhealthy thrown in there somewhere during the day. As long as you can work off whatever you ate (and then some if you are trying to lose weight), you can eat almost anything. Lots of activity and movement is considered exercise. All you need is 30 minutes out of your entire day. Water is filling and nutritious for your skin, internal organs and brain.
You do not have to go all out Vegetarian or full time fitness fanatic to lose weight and keep it off.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Humans. The only species with free will and choice. They can decide to be female or male (or both). They can choose what they want to eat or want to do at any given time. Animals follow their instincts and evolved characteristic true to their specific nature. We follow our need for instant self gratification to the detriment of the "pack" if we get in the mood. 
No wonder we always get stuck between a rock and guess it! We have so many choices where it comes to food, diet, exercise and life in general. Sometimes those choices are hard to make because we fear the consequences or the impact it will have on our cushy lives. 
What to do...what to do??? 
Easy...everything in tiny portions called "moderation". 
If you are obese, you end up ostracized by everyone. You can't lose weight because your body is in too much physical agony to move and you have no energy any way to bother. You end up eating more and life gets worse from there.
If you are too thin, your health is questioned by everyone and you are presumed to be anorexic. You get ostracized because you are also "doing drugs" or something else as far as they are concerned. 
Whether you lose more weight or pick up weight, they will still make assumptions behind your back. Life gets worse from there. 
By being a normal weight, at least you will not go overboard and end up like them or this goat.

Eat healthy, diet or what ever you call it. The key is not to go overboard, because everything we eat and everything we drink is bad for us in large quantities. 
Too much of one thing and not enough of another can affect your health and your life. Balance is the key. 
A little healthy food and a little movement is all it takes from not being caught between a rock and a very unpleasant life experience. 
Trust me, I've been at both ends of the weight debate before. 
Stay away from obese and anorexic where it is safe. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Everything we do has a consequence. What we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies are directly linked to what becomes of our bodies. Ultimately that affects how we feel, look and how long we get to live.
Whatever spiritual belief you have, your Higher Power gave you only one life. Sadly, many people focus on this one good time rather than the bigger picture. In the end, their one short little life is wasted on a life time of self gratifying moments.

It is time to unchain your belief that nothing can be done to change the way you look and feel about your self.
What most people don't get is that even though that take-out or pastry tastes really good in the moment,  the most self gratifying experience is a healthy lifestyle. When you eat a Pizza, the moment does not last very long. When you eat healthy and exercise you feel great about yourself ALL the time. It is the same feeling men get when they have serviced their cars and they get it back all nice and shiny. They drive down the road and see all the other dirty cars, and they just act so much bigger and better than them.
Women spend a lot of time and money on those 'can not live without" prized possessions too. Whether it is your best shoes, kids or even your hobby, your prized possession is always in mint condition. When you get complimented on them, you feel amazing, right?.

Make your body, your most prized possession. Pamper it, nourish it with the good nutrients and vitamins it needs. Give it exercise to help keep it strong. You already do so much as it is, why not add this too.
You will feel great about what you are doing. You will feel great about yourself. You will look and feel better and better the longer you do it.
Start today. Take the step.
All you have to lose is... weight.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


You find that you are not your former skinny self and have become a little pudgy (even fat).  Due to circumstances beyond your control, somehow there is no time or money for "scientifically formulated eating plans, design by world renowned doctors of some sorts". Your membership to some gym expired because, hey, you never had time to go anyway. In a wink of an eye, you have become a person that struggles with weight and can't do anything about it. You are feeling like you are fighting a losing battle.
It is hard, especially when you were once skinny to look at yourself now. How time has flown?
It seemed to have happen overnight. It is as depressing as watching Extreme Makeover (not the home edition - the other one).

Fear not my lass. Do not despair. Everything is going to be OK. Just put down that Brownie or Cookie Dough and slowly move away from it. Because I get you and I have your back.
Here's 3 quick tips to help change things around:
1) Forget words like high protein, low carbs or limited calories. Your body sure as hell will!!! It will crave whatever you deprive it of. So don't! Give it tiny bits of heaven, as long as it is the only thing you give it that specific meal time. Then you can eat the healthy stuff it will not crave, during the other meal times. It is always better to eat the bad stuff your body craves in the morning. You get your daily craving over with and work it off the rest of the day. If you don't crave anything, have something healthy as it is easier to work off than unhealthy deep fried, cheese mummified, over salted or over sweetened food. If you don't know healthy foods from unhealthy foods, try diets or diet products available all over the world.
2) I always go on about water and how you should drink lots of it. Today is no exception. Drink water before you eat, after you have eaten, during meal times, before you go to bed, when you wake up, when you have a coffee break... basically ALL day long. You will eat less and lose weight like never before.
3) Whether you work or stay at home (or both) there is always an opportunity to burn fat and work off what you ate. Run everywhere you need to go (the bosses will think you are really busy for starters) and use a Yoga ball to sit on while you work. If you don't have a big ass Yoga ball, get a swivel chair.  Movement is the operative word here. Move and you will lose. After work, find 30 minutes in your day. You are a multi-tasking superstar remember? - it can be done! Use that time to run in one place, do the Can-Can, dance like your on a  Hip-Hop music video audition or just do exercises whilst lying on your back and side.

You have to start somewhere. The fatter you become, the closer you come to an early death. The fatter you are, the more things go wrong (socially, physically, financially and in every other way). Fat is bad, don't let it win. Beat the fat blob before another wink of an eye has passed and it's gotten worse or it is too late.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


There's Lady Katherine (formerly Middelton), Katherine Zeta Jones, Katy Holmes, Katy Perry, Kate Beckinsale, Katherine Heigl, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet. They were or are so skinny that they can hoola hoop with a Cheerio.
I am all for skinny, but they have been known to look as malnourished as the charities they support.
Not all of them are as gaunt and weakly thin as they used to be, but that's testimony to their lifestyle.

Nobody wants to be that skinny except for them, it seems. Most women (and pretty much every guy out there) prefer a body like Kate Upton (former Victoria Secret Model).
Curvaceous with a bit of meat on the bones.
I must say, were I not as straight my hair, I would tap that.

So how do you know what is the perfect weight for your body type? You have a Bio scan done. It's all good and well you are within your BMI, but a Bio scan (done at your local gym or health professional) can assess the amount of body fat you have. You can work on the area (my case - areassssss) where you have the most fat.
Most people don't think they need one as their "fat" areas are visibly clear. I am most people. I only like my body when I weigh below a certain amount. If I can't see fatty parts around my stomach or @ss in the mirror, I am happy.
As long as I look curvy without having fat parts looking like I was hand drawn by someone with Parkinson disease, it's all good.

It's nice to look like a VS model, it's even better to not have to go to extreme's like they do. I eat what I want, when I want (just way less than what normal people eat).
I work off what I eat by dancing and drink lots of water to not retain water or dry out like a raisin. After all, exercise is a poor man's plastic surgery.
Getting enough sleep and having some mommy time goes along way when you hit my age.
In the end I just want to keep ageing and death at bay a little longer.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So you have found the perfect diet. You are exercising, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and doing everything right. You even lost all the weight. Great!! Now what? 
Sadly, so many people lose the plot here. Stick to that diet. Keep exercising. When you have lost all the weight you wanted, use the diet/ eating plan as a basis for your daily meals from there on. Even if you have small portions of Pizza or chocolate as a snack, at least you ate something healthy that day (it burns off quicker than unhealthy food). The biggest rule is to exercise afterwards. Work off all the calories before it turns into fat. 
That is how you maintain your weight. Coincidentally that is also how you keep losing weight. Burn off the little you eat and stay hydrated. Quite simple really. 
It might sound like you are starving yourself, but you eat small meals on a regular basis during the day. Even better is to eat ONLY when you are really hungry! It doesn't matter if it's only 3 times a day. Some people have a slow metabolism and therefore can barely handle 3 meals. They say that eating 6 small meals a day increase your metabolism, but it doesn't. Trust me!!! My metabolism is as slow now as it was when I was 212 pounds and I have tried almost every diet out there!

Getting there is not hard. The hard part is when you think you don't need healthy meals & exercise and stop doing the right thing. In the end you are left right back where you started. Lose weight and KEEP your weight off to live longer and look younger. 

Keep at it. Change it up a little. Do what you feel will work within the parameters of your lifestyle. 
You can start any day, the end is always closer than you think. 

Monday, 16 April 2012


If like me, you can not be bothered with diets and gyms after countless failed attempts at either, here's some good news.

You don't really need them. Every diet in the book is about smaller portions, exercise and bigger glasses of water. Exercise can be walking, dancing or even stripping (if you can get up a pole - let alone afford one)
All these high protein - low carb diets (also conveniently designed into small portions) are really just good for two things. Firstly, they help you eat the "right" foods. Secondly, they shock your body into weight loss motion.
Eating anything and everything in moderation, drinking lots of water, exercise, sleep and a healthy dose of some meditation does the exactly same as a diet and gym.

If you do go walking, jogging or dancing try it with tins cans in your hands, if you can not afford dumbbells.
Eat HALF your normal plate of food and keep the rest for later. Left over home cooked dinners can serve as tomorrow's lunch. They are healthier and save you a fortune! If you are still hungry, drink more water and chew gum. You get the same result - fullness. Also, it is not just about what you eat, but HOW you eat too. Drink water before you eat (I mean like a truck load!!!). Chew a lot while your knife and fork are set down on the plate. Once your food is very fine, swallow and reload your fork.
Eat smaller portions, but more frequently during the day. Do not eat after 6pm at the latest. To help achieve this, pre-cook healthy meals on a Sunday and merely warm them up during the week. Healthy meals is anything not drenched in fats, oil, butter, preservatives, additives or anything high in salt. Frozen vegetables, grilled meat and some rice or potato (aka starch - if your body can handle it) is actually a healthy meal. Do not buy "ready made" gravies or "just add water" sauces. Rather make your own using the vegetable water, the grilled meat extract left in the pan and some flour. Add fresh or ground spices to taste.
Except if you work night shift, exercising at night is not ideal, but if you have no other time to do it, make sure you do it after the kids have gone to bed or have gone out. You only need 45 minutes 3 times a week. More is better, but ultimately your weekends can be spent hassle free at the very least.  Follow that with some meditation to calm you and rest your ticking brain.
Sleep for at least 8 hours a night. No good ever came from going to bed after midnight!!

There you are. Even a lazy person like me lost weight. All other lazy people can too, they just have to want to.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


All over the world there are people right now with huge weight loss success stories. Even my friends have had great success losing weight. They all tried different diets, work-outs and all the other weight loss techniques, but the one thing they have in common...their will to lose weight. 
They are more motivated than presidential candidates right before an election. It is showing big time!! They make me look fat again. 
The great things is, that they listened to others who had lost weight and now they are sharing their successes with those who want to do the same. It's like the circle of life here...which is ironic seeing that we are in Africa. 
Either way, it just goes to show that your story can also one day inspire and motivate someone that gets sent your way. Remember, the universe and all that from my previous blog posts?

Anyway, needless to say this once fatty patty is now motivated to firm up. It's Huge! Not good enough to be thin. Must get firm. No bulges, lumps or bumps for this wicked wacky w... never-mind.
First on the Callanetics.  Second...weight training...Third...stretching. Don't want overly muscular, bulky legs, do we? There we have it. Plan Easy into action.  

Best I get started. This flab is not going to come off by itself! 

FYI - You have a story to you stop envying others and get started on it as well. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


When you feel like you are about to give up, think of all the things you have overcome.
This is your life and no one can live it for you.
So you have to decide to change your lifestyle. You and only YOU can turn things around.
There is no time like the present.
Make time in your life to lose weight. Somewhere in your day you have half an hour. That is all it takes.
There are no quick fixes, but there are infinite rewards from the day you decide to lose weight. Right from day 1, you start feeling better about yourself. Your energy levels increase. Your mood improves. You feel proud about doing what is right.
Get with the program. Stick to that diet.
The universe has a funny way of rewarding you for making the right choices. You don't just lose pounds, but all your issues too. You end up looking great on the outside and feeling great on the inside. This is the perfect solution to your marital problems, your self esteem and the way you look at life.  In the end healthy eating and exercise is not hard work. It's just a choice. You can choose to be overweight, tired, sore and sickly all the time. But you can also choose to live longer, feel great and look younger. You decide when to eat right, drink lots of water and exercise. There is no rule that says you have to do it everyday. However, your decisions when you go shopping and your decisions when you have time to kill daily, makes all the difference in the end on how you look and feel.

Take it from this 38 year old who used to be obese. Being thin is amazing in every way. At work, at social functions, on holidays, spending time with your kids and in the bedroom, everything is so much better when you feel great and look it too.

Monday, 9 April 2012


You have been through so much in your life. Many people have a story, but not like yours. Your story is unique, just like you. You have overcome things that many have not. Yet, here you are searching the great old www for answers to your weight problems.
Your greatest obstacle is YOU. You don't need to find a quick fix solution. You need to find the answers inside of your self. You are not thin for a reason. You know why that is. So face it. Own up to it. You got this way because of the B.S you told yourself. Picking up weight did nothing to fix the troubles that haunt you.
In fact, it made it worse. Your love for food has also compromised your health over and above all this.  Look at yourself naked in front of the mirror. Say out loud the reason why you look this way. That answer is the B.S you have been telling yourself for all this time. That B.S excuse is your answer to weight loss. The minute you realize this, you can turn things around.

You have overcome much worse in your life. Now, it is within your power to overcome morbid obesity (if you don't have it already). Face your food demon. Put him on a leash and choke him with it. Now, is the time to take control where you have lost it.
You know your daily routine. You know your schedule. You know what healthy foods are and which ones you like to eat. You know if you like cycling, walking, hiking, dancing, swimming or gym. Eat the healthy things you like. Do the exercises you enjoy doing in any time you have available.
Forget the B.S excuses you have been telling yourself all this time, because it has done nothing to help. Get yourself back. Get your life back.

The universe has a funny way of sending people into your life when you need them. Everyone serves a purpose, therefore surround yourself with those who can help & support you. Because one day, it will be your turn. This is your story. This will help someone who will come your way one day, so you in turn can inspire them.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

You know you are growing old when you have household plants and they are not there to smoke. When day break is when you get up instead of come home. When you stop growing in length, but grow in the middle.
Everybody over the age of 35 starts looking for the fountain of youth. No exception here....
We watch what we eat, exercise, buy celebrity endorsed wrinkle creams and drink copious amounts of water. That is what all the experts tell us to do.
So why is it not freaking working? For many people, the older they get, the harder they find it to lose weight. When they do (by some miracle) lose weight their faces look all pounded in and wrinkled up. I am a great example of this. You know, someone actually asked me today if I was sick? Thanks for the concern, I am just thine (thin and fine!)
Losing weight is easy, but keeping the weight from be-creeping me from be-after is the problem.
Like many other countries, this weekend is a long weekend. By Tuesday when I get back to work, I will be at least another 3kg's heavier. One consolation when I lose it all again next week, I won't look sick but SIC!! Rather skinny that fat...way more advantages and pros.

Wrinkles is not something we can do anything about, but we can look after our bodies. The only way to look younger (and live longer) is by eating foods rich in Anti-oxidents like dark green leafy vegetables, dark coloured fruit like Blue Berries and Plums, and (wait for it...) drink lots of water. Yeah, not my thing either. We try but it's not something we can do every meal.
So, if you do find the fountain of youth, though, let me know? (and her...)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


These are words we see every day. If it's not on your PC,  it's on a mobile device I'd like to call spellphone.
People literally go into trances when they are on their mobile cellular phones. A spell is cast upon them rendering them completely retarded.
But that's besides the point. Getting back to my topic...
Upgrade and update is not just applicable to electronic devices. If you are on a diet and exercise regime, think about upgrading and updating them too. Add more healthy options to what you eat. Then kick up your exercise routine a notch or two. Do something that will shock your body out of the routine. If you are not on any form of healthy lifestyle or exercise routine, diet and exercise will totally be a shock to your system!!
Either way when you upgrade or update anything in your life, results are guaranteed.

It's not just your brain that retains memories, your body does too. Muscle memory is the biggest reason why people stop losing weight after a while. Upgrading and updating your diet & exercise regime shakes things up a bit. In the mean time you work on upgrading & updating the way you look as well. Two for one!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


You can strive for a perfect body, looks, job and all the rest but inevitably some other imperfections crops up.
Only a delusional lunatic thinks someone else is perfect. A coo-coo narcissist thinks he is perfect. Bottom line, if you don't want to be categorized in the above two descriptions, stop trying to be perfect.

Make peace with the flaws you can do nothing about and change the ones you can. If weight is your biggest issue, stop trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons. The minute losing weight stops being about you, results are quicker and longer lasting.
It's not about looking like a movie star. It's not about how your partner "perceives" you or your own insecurities compared to others. Lose weight to live longer and look younger.

If you pick up a few LB's here and there, go through the emotions, but get over it. After all, you are not competing against someone or trying to please someone else. You are living the life that suits you. A life where you call the shots but do the right thing in order to live longer and look younger.
The sooner you start doing something about it, the better. No one is perfect. Life is too short to not live in the absolute truth of who you are. You are not prefect, but you are living your one life well.
 Focus on your diet/ lifestyle/ eating plan, but try everything in moderation. A little piece of happiness is better than any day filled with self punishment. Don't be too hard on yourself. Go ahead! Have a piece of cake. But just one and don't feel guilty about it .
Diet, exercise, pray, laugh and play. Have fun with your healthy food you eat. Let the choice of exercise you pick be something you actually enjoy. Let losing weight be something that fits into your life and be something that makes you happy.
I know I sound perfectly delusional when I say this, but choosing a lifestyle where partly healthy eating and fun exercise is part of your daily routine, leads to a perfectly happy, individual life.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Bunnies, eggs, ducks, chickens...chocolate covered candy centered conductors to HEAVEN!! Yep, it's Easter. Inevitable this time of year someone with a sweet tooth (like me) goes all Terminator on all the different kind of sweets and chocolates there are. Regrettably that also leads to weight gain. A lot of weight gain.

My slender figure is slowly losing shape as my midriff is filling out where a slinky waist used to be (and that just after this weekend?!). I pick up weight by just looking at food...doesn't that suck?
But, if you are on the same situation, do not despair. The cure is simple water and exercise. During the week be good and eat healthy. Drink lots of water before anything is eaten and cut all portions in half. There will be dancing, singing and lots of movement as a form of exercise. By this weekend all the weight would have been lost.

Then you can go ape again on Easter Weekend and do the same next week. It's about living people. Life is too short to count calories, GI content, Kilojoules and all the rest. Especially this time of year.