Thursday, 5 January 2012

Life is for the living

I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Having taken the last 3 weeks to explore some parts of this country, my belief in the value of life has been re-affirmed. I saw the most breath taking sunsets. A sun rise over the ocean, whilst it was drizzling on land. The sparkles of Edward Cullen had nothing on the rain drops I saw that day!!!
Whilst hiking in the mountains, there were waterfalls that sometimes appeared out of the nowhere. I also cannot describe the eeriness of watching soft grey clouds slowly creep our way over the mountains and then surround the cottage we stayed in. It looked like a scene from the movie The Mist. Brrrrrrr.   
Then there was the gruesome car accident we came accross. Six dead people folded up like pretzels on the tarmac, their faces bashed in from the impact. Blood and car parts everywhere. Inside the car a severly injured and hysterical women who had just lost her family the day before Christmas whilst a complete stranger is comforting her. Some strangers directed traffic, while others where on their mobile phones contacting emergency services.
I believe that people just like everything in nature are all connected. We are all Celestial beings in temporary vessels. Our bodies are mere fragile housings that can easily break or perish, but our souls live on.
When I see someone, I no longer see that they are fat or thin. I see a soul, going through life as they know it. Someone with worries, fears, regrets and dreams. I see a mortal vessel hiding pure energy and light.
Life is so short. No one knows the exact date or time they will die. Live life to the full everyday, like it's your last. But remember when you get to that higher place, and they ask you what you did with your life, loving life and taking care of your "vessel" will be a good answer.