Saturday, 7 January 2012

Do it quickly

I read in an article that people who spend hours on a treadmill for months on end, will inevitably stop losing weight. They plod along every day and still look the same six months later. In this article it stated that once you start something, you initially see results because you are doing something different to what your body is used to. Then once your body adapts to this new routine, you reach a plateau. A stage when you stop losing weight.

This is not news to me. What was news to me is their suggestion on how to get over the stagnation. It really inspired me. The author suggested quick bursts of exercises rather than one form of exercise over the long term. Run as fast as you can until you are out of breath. Then walk until you have regained your breath, or in my case replace the lung I just lost!!! Then run as fast as you can again .
When you do exercises at home or in the gym, do quick bursts of back breaking, heart pumping workouts and then something less exhausting.
This "shocks" your body back into losing weight. Is it not brilliant?? I must say, I experienced this "plateau" before in the past, but never thought of changing up my routine to continue losing weight. All I did was add more and more to my workout. Yes, there were still results, but to do quick bursts of exercises just seems like common sense, doesn't it?