Sunday, 8 January 2012

Here Piggy piggy

I am so excited to go back to work tomorrow!! Even though I got some exercise whilst on holiday and kept my portions small, I still managed to pick up weight. How could this be???? (shock & awe anyone??) Well, I didn't eat my normal home cooked meals at all. In fact, most of what I ate was from restaurants & take away places. (Stuff drrrenched in cheap OIL & Cheese!!)
My body could not burn off the fat fast enough to keep up with all the junk I ate!!! Am I upset? Not really. I enjoyed my holiday and don't regret it.
Alas now I can not wait to get to a scale and see the damage I did. I have no intention of "rectifying" the situation immediately, but it will be interesting to see what impact eating unhealthy, small portions with little exercise had on my weight.
I am not fat, but I can see a bulge or two have re-emerged. These unwelcome guests around my middle & ass will be out the door soon enough. I am not stressed out about it, because weight loss is easy.
Once again I will cut out sugar from my breakfast & 3 daily doses of coffee. I will take left over diner for lunch and drink lots of water. When I come home I will start exercising again. If you can call dancing exercising? In no time my body will be back to it's former glory. Well, at least the glory you can expect from a 37 year old mother with no time or money.
What I really want to do this year is focus more on strength. Get these flabby arms & legs to stop waving hello at everyone. I will keep you posted on that one.