Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get a hold of yourself, Woman!!!

Honestly, if I had a penny for the amount of times weight comes up in a conversation everyday, I would be a freaking Gazillion-naire. I myself want my lower body to look as good as my upper body. I want to feel and look young again. I want to be photogenic without posing like someone who suffered a neck injury.  But women who are very overweight going on and on about their weight, yet do nothing about it, really gets to me.
Every woman wants to look like a Victoria Secret model, we are genetically coded that way. Long before Playboy magazines, FTV and internet sites were dedicated to our bodies, we looked at ourselves differently to men.

Men look in the mirror and believe that women will still date them and their unborn beer keg. Women look in the mirror and see the figure of a badly dented Russian Matryoshka doll. Why do we always see ourselves in the worst light? I don't think it is because we have low self image or esteem. I think it affects our self image and self esteem, but it is not becuase of it. It may be becuase we heard from a friend of a friend that her sister's cousin's brother's daughter got left for a younger better looking woman. It may be because men are sexually charged, visually stimulated beings. It may be because we live in a human state of mind, where looks, possessions & elite status have always walked hand in hand. In some parts of Africa the more fat you have, the richer & more desirable you are. In other parts of the world, the longer your neck or the bigger your nose ring, the more desirable you are.
Women do this to themselves because of men. Yet they will have us believe that looks don't matter and they just want "confident" women. Sure!

So here's what women should do. Get fit & fantastic for yourself! Look after yourself because you want to look young and outlive that "better" half & spend the entire inheritance on a young toy boy.