Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bon... Natasha Bon

All the diets I have ever been on and every diet out there still, has these 4 stipulations: Small portions, exercise, water and sleep. ( I call it SPEWS) "I had spews today, what about you?" It has a nice ring to it and leaves people with those confused looks on their faces.
This is the basic key to weight loss. How you fit this into your life is up to you.
Many people tell me I don't eat enough or that I eat like bird. Are they implying that I have a pecker or referring to my nose? not sure...
The truth is I don't have time to eat 6 portions a day. Even if I did, I also don't think my bosses will be very impressed with that idea, seeing that we are not allowed to eat at our desks. We have to go to the upstairs staff dining room. (where staff must eat, not chat all day..sshhh!!!)
I like to eat only when I am absolutely starving. Very few people know what this feels like, but this "strange phenomena" happens to me about 3 times a day. Yeah sure, it might not be enough for some people, but for my metabolism it is a match made in Havana. Because I eat what I want and drink lots of water before and after I eat, there is no cravings or dizzy spells. Some diets do that you know? I increase my metabolism through exercise and the amount of water I drink, because that helps for fat burning purposes.
Another thing people don't realise it that my stomach has "shrunk" as well. Even if I did eat more, I chew slowly and will be full after a few bites anyway. Having six portions a day will take me all day long! People will see me snacking the whole day and just before home time I will be like "oh this? it's just my 4th portion".
In the end I am healthy and I am thin. To me, it is Bon... as in good.