Monday, 16 January 2012

Float like a bee!!!

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" was a quote that Muhammad Ali coined in his career. I don't follow boxing (or any other sport for that matter), but this is what always pops into my head when I hold a can of tin food in each hand. It's fun having "weights" in each hand and doing some boxing moves or my Jackie Chan moves. Yes, I look absolutely ridiculous, but you're not there to see it, so it's OK.
The truth is you don't have to have a fully equipped gym at home in order to do 10 minutes Cardio, 20 minutes strength exercises and 10 minutes of stretching in your own time and space.
You don't have to float like a butterfly...unless you are drowning in debt or something.
You don't have to sting like a bee (people tend to frown on that when you try).
You can do anything at home, any which way you want.

All you need is a spacious floor, some household items and music. Just remember to keep your knees & elbows slightly bent. Don't Hunchback of Notre-Dame yourself or you will end up looking like him when you are old.

Anything unused like full and unopened bottles of detergents, tin cans or shampoo bottles, etc can be used. You can do squats, curls, bench (aka floor) presses, upright rows, lateral raises, lunges and all the other fancy terms in the strength & resistance training lingo. Back when I "belonged" to the fraternity of circuit hopping sweat jockeys, I used to love these exercises. They never had queues because the machines were always less in demand than the bikes. Also I could sit down to do most of the exercises, BONUS!!

Honestly, I don't know if it's still like that, but at least my bedroom doesn't smell of other people's sweat & tears. Just my own...
But it's OK. Work in progress and all that, remember?