Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Because Oprah said so.

Oprah did so many shows in her life about weight. Expert after expert gave us their take on healthy eating, healthy living, weight loss, diets and exercise. With so many choices and facts she presented on her shows, it is hard to argue with "Because Oprah said so!". That is what I tell my kids and it works like a charm. (evil, I know)
Pretty much anything falls under this response.

In this world obsessed about their weight and their looks, she was a heaven sent Angel. Now that she has her OWN Network, I am sure the enlightement will continue shine our way. What I believe most is her Mantra a few years ago: " Live your best life".

So, Live your best life, because Oprah said so. It's easy of you try. The end result is a happier, more centrered, better version of your self. You want to look good and feel good. You want to feel special and accomplished.
Once you have lost weight, you will like the world you live in. You might just like yourself again. Don't lose weight for a man. His only three prerequisites to be with you,  is that firstly you are a female. Secondly that you have always been a female and thirdly, if you have not always been a female, that you can keep a secret!!

Lose weight to be there for your children for many years to come. They are our "reason for living". Many parents are very quick to exclaim that they will die for their kids. You don't ever hear them say that they will Live for them.

Start right now, right here, this very day. Eat healthy today, take a brisk walk in circles if you have to. Drink water as soon as possible.
Everyday is a little better the minute you start.