Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The things I do for charity!

I am going to a fundraiser Saturday night. The theme is "Cowboy". Now I don't know much about Westerns and I certainly don't have the money to hire a Cowgirl outfit, so I'll do the "Coyote Ugly" and wear jeans and a sexy top to compensate.

In preparation for this event I have been watching online instruction videos and learning how to Line dance.
They have all these different kinds of line dances (I think I counted about 60) with names like Honky Tonk, Picnic Polka, Tush Push and Boot Scootin' Boogie. After I wiped away the tears from laughing so hard, I clicked on a few of them. What a fantastic workout!! Within half an hour I am sweating like a pregnant nun.The great thing about line dancing is that it works your legs and hips. These are my problem areas, so I am grateful for something choreographed to come along and help my situation. 

I was actually a little sore today, as I did not think to do stretches after a line dance. Just goes to show...dancing is great.

Now I have to get myself completely free from pain before Saturday night and still learn to line dance. The things I do for charity...

So Yee-ha, Getty-up and start line dancing. Just don't do squats with your spurs on?