Thursday, 26 January 2012

Green is the new black

I would like to become a Vegetarian again, but I am scared of quiting red meat cold turkey.
Dark green, leafy vegetables are so in right now. I wish I could grow my own, but my soil is too red. When I cook vegetables they make me blue when I take them out. I guess I hate wakes. Warning!!! My humor is dry but colourful.

Like I blogged before about diets vs healthy eating, today I felt Nostalgic. I was having one of those "I feel fat" days, so I wore a baggy, dark, black blouse with tights. (very clever disguise - fooled no body). The thought of those lean vegetarian days came back to me. Way back when I was so thin, Ethiopians used to look at me funny.
Those were the good old days. B12 injections, importing Mexican Pinto Beans and living off potatoes, pasta and vegetables. I wasn't a Vegan, but I protested like one.

Like most people struggling with weight or addiction, I have good days and bad days. They should have a 12-Step programme for people who want to lose weight . The first step is Denial!! The second step is Acceptance. The third step is Punching a body builder. If you live after that, step 4-12 will be counting your blessings and making the best out of the second chance at life you were given. Losing weight will be really easy then!!! 

I guess I will continue on my "Everything in moderation" path. Adding more greens into my meals won't hurt either (not me anyway).  Then I won't have to wear so much black. 

Of course, it could be worse... I could be one of these cows...