Friday, 27 January 2012

I kill me...

All I want is peace. A peace of cake, a peace of chocolate, a peace of cheese...Just kidding. That used to be my favourite joke and the best part is that there are so many variations you can fill instead of food.

Just like that joke, life should be the same. There should be many variations to your diet, exercise regime, daily routine and life in general. Otherwise things get boring and monotonous. Try cutting out some bad stuff out of your meals, add new good stuff to it and change things up a little. Diets, healthy eating and exercise can be fun and interesting.

It will only be as hard as you make it. In fact, most experts will agree, that you have to vary the duration, speed and tempo of your workouts to get the full benefit. Doing the same thing day after day, will not get you anywhere in the long run.  It's called muscle memory. The same goes for food. Can you imagine eating the same fruit and vegetables every day? So try out all the good foods and add them to some of your favourite dinners. Try grilling instead of frying.

Make small changes and keep adding more and more to it. It doesn't matter what it is. Whether it's your diet, exercise routine, love life, work life or daily routine, add a little spice. Keep things "fresh" by doing things you don't normally do. You only have one life. What do you have to lose?

In the end, won't it be a terrible thing to be lying on your deathbed with regrets.