Sunday, 29 January 2012

Es to darīja

I DID IT is the title of my blog today. For those wondering I actually practice what I preach.

Yesterday I encouraged, motivēti, aufgefordert and предложил every woman to bring out the sexy beast inside her. During the Cowboy themed Fundraiser last night I did the same. I was vibrant, energetic, fun and sexy. I rode a mechanical bull, line danced my @ss off and jumped to some rock music. Did I mention that I won the Bull riding competition? I lasted 26 seconds, which was better than the men. The longest they stayed on for was 22 seconds. Of course my thighs are killing me today. I clenched so hard with my legs I think I broke some bones, tore a muscle and bruised my ego. But who cares what other people think?? I had fun and got some exercise.

It's a matter of changing your approach to things. All you people going "yeh right!!" should give it a try before you dismiss it. The same goes for your diet. If you eat healthy food because you want to live longer as opposed to lose weight for someone or some idea you have, you will see better results.  If you approach exercise as something fun and do workouts that you actually enjoy, you will do it longer and burn more fat. (BOO-YA!!)
There is a myth out there that exercise makes you tired. A fun workout makes you feel good about yourself and actually gives you more energy. (who knew)

So start living today with this sign in your mind.