Monday, 30 January 2012

Sting and Burn

I read an email today where the boyfriend (whilst breaking up with his girlfriend) insulted her thighs by saying it was like "watching sea lions mate". Many comedians will use fat women jokes as the expression of their humour. Then we all know the "Yo Mama So Fat" jokes as well.  All said by men. Then they wonder why we have so many issues with our bodies.

Even though it might sting to hear these sort of things, they can serve as your inspiration. If nothing else think about those words and those men whilst working out or practicing boxing until it burns. (powerful stuff)
Pay attention now because what these men with the sensitivity of statues do not realise, is that we can at least do something about our weight, stretch marks and cellulite. There is yet to be a cure for beer bellies, small winkies and gout. (Amen sister!!)

Anyone can lose weight and there are so many solutions on the market for stretch marks. As for the cellulite, healthy eating and Lymph drainage massages can sort that out. The bonus is that you don't have to go to a Spa. You can do it yourself at home. Oil up your "problem areas", smack them until it stings and burns. Once they are a nice shade of red,  rub your "problem areas" from the top right down to your ankles in one hard, solid motion. Keep repeating from the top to the bottom (not the other way around) and you will see results in a few weeks.

There are many jokes about fat men too, but unlike men, we actually care about the jokes about fat women. Just because we are not as easily amused and tripped over as they are, doesn't mean we don't have feelings...right???