Monday, 6 February 2012

Middle aged supermom

As moms with careers, families and homes to manage it is impossible to look like a 20 year old model. We all want to be that, but I think we should be grateful that we are not.

A single 20 year old girl with no kids has no idea what she wants, who she is or what she is capable of. As mothers we know what we want. Good husbands and even better children. Sure, we want the best for them as well...what mother won't say that? We know who we are because we see it in our children. They mimic and model our behaviour. So if we are total bitches, they will be too. Just kidding.
Our children give us the strength to define our relationships, careers and personalities. We know who we are, because we are free to be ourselves due to the fact that they love us unconditionally. We set our standards high in everything we do just to lead by example. 
We know what we are capable of because of what we have been through to have children and to raise them. Those young girls are lost little sheep, who have yet to learn the meaning of being selfless, vulnerable and courageous.

Young girls might have no stretch marks, saggy bits or cellulite, but those marks are the evidence that we have the most important job in the world...Mother. They can keep their perfect little bodies, because on a whole, we are more than they are. Very few women will ever be comfortable in their own skin, no matter what age they are, but once moms realise how important they are and what they mean, they will drop the focus from the "outer" beauty. We are more, because we have experience, insurance and life skills. We have mastered the art of seduction, manipulation and persuasion. We can discipline or defuse a situation with just the LOOK.   

Forget the "you" you once were. Live in the present. Love being in the body you have. Just take care of it. You need to live longer!!!That is what your kids want. In the end they are your legacy. They are what is most important.