Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rebel with a cause

I know I am supposed to be bloggin about weight loss and weight loss maintenance, but the fact is, I think of myself more as a motivator. That is why I changed my Blog description (glad you noticed).

I have a lot of experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, diets and such, but my whole life is about not following rules. I don't want to be bound to a fitness regime that will make me look like Madonna. I don't want to diet for the rest of my life and feel guilty when I "cheat".
Everybody, including me, wants to look good (for their age), but I am all about living longer and looking younger. Having said that, "LIVING" is the operative word here. I want to live doing what I want, when I want and eat what I want.  Going from Fatty to Fitness freak wasn't really hard, but my type A personality could handle only so many addictions! Food vs fitness...with my sweet tooth, it clashed too much. Now I balance it all out.

 Seriously, we all know what to do, but getting to it is another story right? Make one small change. Just add fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit to your daily meals. Even if you go to restaurants you have the option of veggies over fries!! Use it, don't don't use it.  The option is there.
Then cut down on sugar products. Drink lots of water before and after you eat small potions. Balance it all out with a little something you consider a treat now and again. Next up:  Precook meals, plan healthy menus and save yourself some time to exercise.

 If going to gym is not your "thing", try exercising in your bedroom or lounge. There are some brilliant home exercises you could try. If you are not up to that, try dancing. You will be amazed how much fun it is. Use household products as your weights to dance with and wear heavy shoes to help muscle tone on your legs. Everything is easy if you just know how.

Take supplements and vitamins, and you will be on your way to optimal health quickly. The more you know about workouts, weight loss and nutrition the better, so Google a lot.

One small change will eventually snowball into a lifestyle suitable for you as a mom. Fast , easy and cheap... that's the way I did it.