Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interesting fact

When most Presidents around the world, give their "State of the Nation" speeches, most people wonder two things:
1) What issues they are going to address
2) Who (as in which Designer's outfit) his wife is going to wear.
In my country it's a case of wondering who one of his 14 wives are and which one he will take with. The intrigue of which Designer she is going to wear is immediately eliminated as it will be a Circus tent regardless. Very colourful circus tent!!

In this country having more than 1 wife is not a CULT, it's CULTURE, especially if you are the President of said country.
I have nothing against this, but the facts are that these people are looked up to. With all that money, surely they can lose weight easier than those of us that are broke?
If you compare them to other First World Presidential couples, why is it that ours look so poor? Only poor poeple can't afford a world class diet and personal trainer. (or taste for that matter)

We are financially strapped, limited in options and assistance, yet we still take care of our bodies. Just like me, many moms have found their "recipes" to success. They maintain their weight, health and looks with no problems despite their busy schedules.

So here's a special message to ALL privileged wives...

Do Something About it!