Friday, 10 February 2012

Hey, hey it's Friday

Finally the day many of us look forward to. The start of the weekend. For many this means imitating a still painting of a couch potato. For some it means doing something they enjoy. Mostly it is about not working.

You then get those who think not working also means not taking care of themselves. Diets, exercise and any healthy habits get beamed to some universe far far away.  Sure! be good 4 days a week and undo everything by continuing killing yourself the other 3. Great plan!! You must be smoking from the "tree of knowledge", "Charlie Sheen's pipe" or "devil's lettuce" if you think this is a good idea. 

We can live well and enjoy ourselves even if we are on a healthy lifestyle. It's all about portions and self control. If you are going to eat something unhealthy make sure it is a very small portion, lots of water is consumed and that some exercise occur sometime. Try to eat something healthy before you have that unhealthy thing as desert (even if it is something salty or savoury like potato chips).   

It really is not that hard. It's about balance. Something healthy, then something unhealthy. Even if you are drinking alcohol apply the same trade off with water. For starters we will get less drunk and not have a hangover from dehydration the next day. 

We have the power to turn anything around at any time. Everything in moderation. Nothing is impossible. Eating, drinking and exercise is possible any day of the week. 

And in case you need some encouragement to eat and drink in moderation, here's some motivation: