Saturday, 11 February 2012


So many people call me Tai, a rather strange nickname, but I like it. I use it a lot too, but don't tell any of them. In my native tongue it means "sticky". Not sure if I should have told you that? 

I am a go-getter. A real "take no prisoners" kind of woman. My attitude in life is very unforgiving, especially where it comes to me. I am very hard on myself and rarely let myself  forgive or forget my own mistakes. Thank the heavens I don't do diets... can you imagine the repercussions of that. Certifyable I know...

Too much time is spent on weight. People all over the world are obsessed with it. I think people should focus on what they can and can not do. As a fat girl, I could not run or do that hard core crap you see on shows like "The Biggest Loser".  As a busy, broke mom with a full time job I can not go to a gym. My kids schedules, working hours and budget will not allow it. I can not live on greens and beans alone. What I can do is eat as healthy as possible, exercise after my kids have gone to bed and use low budget household items as gym equipment. I am very resourceful that way. A little this, a little that and (cue the bright lights and angel music) Haaaaaa...the answer to my prayers.

Now I stay thin and thanks to my healthy eating habits I have great teeth, great skin, great bones, great health, you get the picture. Anyone can too with a Can Do attitude.