Monday, 13 February 2012

Grub's up!!!

I like to vary my meals but keep them healthy. Tonight we had Cucumber, Carrot and Salmon Cream Cheese Wraps. Phenomenal!! Not only does it look good, it is healthy, cheap and fast. The Carrots were bought in strips already. The only thing I had to do was grate the Cucumber, lay it on the Wrap with the rest and TA-DA!!!
In winter I do Mince curry and warm the Wraps to make them nice and toasty. They are so versatile.

If you do not like Wraps, Rotis or Pita bread, there is an alternative. Savoury pancakes. Anything goes with a Pancake and Pancakes go with any occasion. No matter what veggies or meats you use as fillings, they all taste like Christmas. These are all healthy in moderation and you can use it to force healthy food into your family's systems with no effort at all. 
The great part is that you can buy all of the Wraps, Roti's, breads and pancake bases already made. Seriously if you can get anything in Africa ready made, you can them ready made ANYWHERE!!! Then have fun making up your own dinner with options you like. Trust me, your ingredients will be far healthier than if you were to buy the whole soggy thing at a take out joint.

Another family favourite, especially when we entertain is a Mongolian Braai. In your country it is known as a Cook-out, Grill,  Barbecue, Барбекью, Grilovanie or Roštilj. We lay out a variation of anything from Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers, Carrots, Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Spring beans and Lentils. We then have pre-cut beef strips, chicken strips, bacon strips and shrimp in bowls. Also on the table is some Soy sauce, HP Sauce or Worcester Sauce. Guests dish up what veggies and meats they feel like. They grill it on the Weber or Cadac dish and add the sauces, some spices and wine or beer to taste. Serve with Noodles breads or rice, easy as that. The best part is that if the food is crap, they can not blame anyone but themselves for their bad choices. (Bwah-ha-ha - evil laugh)
This is healthy, cheap and (depending on the amount of Webers or Cadacs you have to cook with) very fast!!

Natasha Thanks YOU

I am grateful for this blog and to everyone who reads it. As said in a previous post, this blog helps me more than it does you. I have a love/ hate relationship with my body. I love eating and it hates burning fat. Then I have a hate/ love relationship with weight. It hates me and I love to get rid of it!!  Even though I don't have any members that religiously follow me, the people who read it motivates me. Everyday I see you have read the very little I have to say, I become more inspired to keep the weight off.

As a result, as soon as payday comes along, I am going to invest in my first pair of size 8 pants (UK & RSA size)  in a very long time (that's a size 6 in USA, size 34 in Europe or a size 9 in Asia) Not bad!!! Although if I convert it, and I was living in Italy I would be a size 40 right now. Glad I don't live in that country!!! What do you have to do to be a size 6 in that place!? Never mind that, what will you look like? Female version of an Anorexic midget Ahmed comes to mind.

My size 10 pants currently looks like I dropped a "doodie" in it. It just hangs there as if JLo's butt got popped by surgical needles. The waist is also too big, meaning I can't go anywhere without a belt. Consequently the belt ruffles up the waist so it looks like I have a pleated cup cake wrapper around my stomach. Not a purdy picture. Definately time for new pants!!

So, a Big THANK YOU to every one who reads my blog. THANK YOU for inspiring me to keep the weight off. THANK YOU for keeping me fit (well as fit as a mom like me can be). God Bless and it's domainer's readers.

The Month of Love

The 1st of February. The month of ,День святого Валентина,Valentīna Diena , Saint Valentin, Alla hjärtans dag, Valentinstag or as we know it Valentine's Day. Now if you have been married for as long as I have and your wedding anniversary also falls under this month, you don't really celebrate Saint Valentine.

You toss each other a chocolate or leave your better half a few small pieces out of the entire box you just ate a few days earlier. There are no cards, no flowers, no bubble baths and no rose petals strewn all over the floor I just mopped. It is just another day. I am really happy with this arrangement. As a broke, full time employed and busy mom, I can't really afford this day in any shape or form anymore. It is a case of...I will come home, cook a romantic, candlelight dinner, and have it automatically ruined by two voices going: "I can't see my food mom!!". After cooking, laundry and homework, the kids are finally asleep. I will want to run a bubble bath, only to find out that my son's used the bubble bath in their water guns to "wash the dogs".  You get the matter what you plan,  kids will ruin it!!

Not only is Valentine's Day impossible when you have kids in school, but it is very expensive.
My only contribution to this day will be chocolate and some lingerie. In order to look good in said lingerie, I am going to be working out a bit longer.

I suppose the Easter Eggs I had for dinner last night defeated the object...oh well! It's the month of love, not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Audition after all.