Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Poem

I guess every blogger will have something to say
about this...Valentine's day.
They will mention healthy food
instead of chocolate to get you in the mood.
They will go on about exercise and fitness
like a relentless Jehovah's witness.
Eat the flowers, leave the stems
forget candlelight dinners and expensive gems.
Stick to you diet and gym 
do not make an exception for him.
This day is just an excuse
for companies to continue their abuse,
increase their sales at the consumer's expense
and insult our common sense.
After all, as many will say
everyday should be Valentine's day.

Fitness and Diet bloggers will protest
that this day is just another test.
But not me...
If you get spoiled a little or a lot
enjoy it anyway, why not?
for Life is fleeting & fast
and love is not guaranteed to last
Tomorrow you can work off all the love showed to you
and resume a healthy eating habit or two.