Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Things I wish my mother told me

It is sad to think of the possibility that one day we will all be old and falling apart. Some of us will get Osteoporosis. Some Arthritis. Some strokes. Some Heart disease. Some will lose their motor skills. Some will lose their hearing or sight. No one comes off unscathed. Everyone will get old and dilapidated.
We spend all our lives working hard, raising kids and contributing to society just to end up like helpless babies again. Dependant, needy, diaper wearing adults.

I have a great mom, she taught me everything but she did not really explain why I needed to do them. Then again she had 4 daughters to raise!!! She had the high maintenance retard sister first, so I guess that also contributed to her not having time to explain the following she taught me: 

1) Use sunscreen daily: even if it is cloudy to help fight the effects of ageing and cancer.
2) Use Moisturiser and exfoliate your whole body, not just your face: to keep your skin young.
3) Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise: It will keep your internal organs healthy, your mind sharp and your body fit.
4) Drink multi-vitamins daily: to help your immune system.
5) Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements together: because your body can not absorb Calcium without Magnesium. This will help keep your bones and brain strong.
6) Take care of your teeth. They are the biggest sign of your health and status. A smile is your greatest fashion accessory. 
7) Take care of your eyes. Wear sunglasses outdoors and don't rub them with your hands. You will need them always and look dorky with glasses.
8) Take Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplements daily: to help your brain power, concentration and memory.
9) Get lots of sleep. Your body really needs it to fight off illness and rejuvenate your skin cells and brain cells.
10) Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. It kills your organs, skin, hair, teeth, brain cells, health and everything you hold dear in life.

Very few teenagers & young adults will actually take time to do any of the above, unless it is part of the routine they were raised with.
My only hope is that the damage I did was not done beyond repair and that I can grow old with dignity and eloquence. I wish to look the picture of health if nothing else.