Friday, 17 February 2012

No one ever died trying

When I was young I dreamed of doing something remarkable with my life. To become an Archaeological discoverer, a CEO of a company, a movie critic or something influential. However because I was fat my dream, just like losing weight, was impossible to me. It was one of those things that could not be done. I really tried everything!!
My husband wanted to work for NASA (he's also South African?). I think he was on more than just dreams back then.
Here we are 20 odd years down the line. We have normal jobs, lots of debt and living in the "Burbs" with two kids. Yep, living the dream.

As much as I thought losing weight was impossible back then, somehow I did it without words like "determination" or "hard work". All it took was less eating and more exercise. The eating less part was accomplished by drinking lots of water to fill me up instead of food. The exercise was accomplished by just walking at first. Gradually it moved to more exercises like Aerobics, Callanetics and dancing. Pretty soon I went from a fat freak to a fitness freak. (never could do things in half measures?)
I became too thin and too picky about food, so living then wasn't much fun either.

These days I consider myself to be normal weight with normal eating habits. I like to still eat mostly healthy, not just to stay skinny and healthy, but because everything is so much better when you are thin. It's hard to explain, but doing things and accomplishing dreams seems easier. This year I am going to work on physical strength and languages. My dream was to do something influential, but I think I will stick to my day job and Motivate instead!!!