Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cheat codes

If you are looking to lose weight but don't know where to start, the simple question is why? Why do you want to lose weight? Most women do it for EVERYTHING but themselves. They have an important function they want to look good for, a holiday, kids, a man or a competitor they feel threatened by. What about losing weight for you?
Every woman wants to live longer and look younger. Every woman wants perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect nails and a perfect body. Every woman wants to look good, because that is when she feels good.
Eating healthy and exercise can achieve all of the above. What happens next is just a Bonus. When you have lost a lot of weight, for some reason your career, love life and social life seems to pick up at hyper speed. I know this because I used to be fat. The minute I lost a lot of weight, I became popular, worthy and in demand.

After making losing weight about living longer and looking younger, the pressures and guilt that goes along with dieting dissappears. You eat healthy because you want to and not because some guy that wrote a book told you to. You do exercises that suit you, at your own pace when you have time. If you do have something unhealthy or you don't exercise that day, you don't feel guilty. You don't want to punish yourself over how you have undone the hard work you put in, because you are NOT on a diet. You are living a healthy life the way you want to. It simplifies matter doesn't it?

How do you do this? You know yourself better than anyone else. You know your lifestyle and your schedules. Figure out when you can exercise and which exercises you like best. Mine is dancing with weights. Nothing to it!!! Exercise is something you only need to do for 30-45 minutes a day. Surely your busy schedule can accommodate that?
Eating healthy is something you do during meal time. Snack and tea time, eat anything you like, but in moderation. Eat a small plate of dark chocolate squares mixed with Almonds instead of a bag of crisps. Healthy eating is not about Lettuce and low fat products. It is about baked foods instead of deep fried foods. It is about all kinds of meats, vegetables and fruits that you can do amazing dishes with. You can experiment and have fun in the kitchen! It's true. Healthy meals are as easy and delicious as anything you can buy from a take out shop. You can even make your own take out using fresh and healthy ingredients. Chinese, Sushi, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc. Anything can be made at home these days with healthier ingredients and cooking supplies, like Grape Seed oil instead of Lard or Sunflower oil.

It is about balance and moderation. You brought children into this world, you most certainly can do anything else!! Find your happy medium. Put on paper if need be and give it a try.