Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wisdom - all 30 somethings have it!

I am so proud of my friend Elana. She is a single mother and still manages to find time to exercise!! Like I told her anything is better than nothing. She is taking control of her life and her health one step at a time. Literally!!!
That is so inspiring!! Everyday I am more and more inspired and motivated by people like her, because they have the strength in character and moral fibre to take charge of this one life they have.

Just one thing can change everything. Today you are walking, tomorrow you are eating right and before you know it, you are healthy and thin. That's at least what happened in my case. Once I cut my portions and saw that I was able to lose weight, the walking followed. Pretty soon I was skinny and living a healthy life style. OK, I went a little overboard back in those days. Instead of just eating right I became a full blown Vegetarian and worked out for 2 hours a day. I became the really cheap date. I ate from the free salad bar and got drunk on two sips of wine. How was I not married sooner! Don't men kill for a chick like that??? 
Oh well, Bygones! But the moral of the story is the ball got set in motion. I didn't diet, but I did what every diet book, Dietitian and Fitness Guru still say to this day. I ate small portions, drank lots of water and exercised. Later on I added the meditation and the sleep part. Wisdom came with age not with brains in my case.